The Benefits Of Playing Monopoly Go With Friends

Whether you’re a seasoned Monopoly GO player eager or a newcomer looking to embark on your first adventure, playing with friends is sure to provide hours of fun, and strategic gameplay and create memories that will last a lifetime. So in this guide, we will show you the benefits of playing Monopoly Go with friends.

Obtaining Free Monopoly GO Dice

There are additional rewards that you will get for inviting your buddies. For instance, the first time you send the link via Facebook, you will get an additional 25 free dice rolls. You will also get dice rolls for importing your contacts list using your phone number. If you have someone download the game via Facebook using the link that you provide, you will get even more dice rolls. Keep in mind that this bonus only applies if the person who downloads the game via the link is new to the game. By inviting friends to play via your ‘invite’ link, you can earn up to 150 free dice rolls and a Token!

Completing Community Chest

The Community Chest in Monopoly Go is a daily group mini-game represented by the glowing treasure chest in the top left corner of each board. To open this chest, you need to meet specific prerequisites and create a small community – you must invite five friends to the game. Once you have the required number of players, you can play the Daily Jackpot game. The more friends you remove from the board, the higher the jackpot you can win, and if you manage to remove all nine friends before collecting the key, all the money will be multiplied by x50 and you’ll win a Purple Sticker Pack.

Joining The Partners Event

Partner Events, which generally occur every month in Monopoly GO, see players teaming up with either someone on their friend list or a random person online to accomplish a task. You’ll generally collect a certain type of token and then use that to spin a wheel, which will determine how many points you get. Be cautious, though: Once you’ve got a partner, you’re stuck with them for the entire event. It’s good to keep that in mind and to make sure you’re working with people you know or trust. Therefore, it will be more advantageous to participate in this activity with friends!

Trading Monopoly Stickers

Trading duplicate Monopoly Go Stickers with friends is a great way to complete sets faster. Trading duplicate cards with friends is a great way to complete sets faster in Monopoly GO. Open the Album menu and browse your sticker collection. Cards you have extra copies of display a number above, like “+1”. Tap these duplicates to select them for trading. However, exclusive gold stickers cannot be traded. Your friend will receive an alert that you’ve initiated a trade. Now it’s their turn to complete it! Once accepted, the stickers will be swapped between your albums! Repeat to keep collecting.

All these are the benefits of playing Monopoly Go with friends. Summon them now without hesitation!