TFD: Ranking Every Descendant – Overall Rating

In The First Descendant, there are many ways to rank each descendant, including:

TFD: Ranking Every Descendant – Overall Rating
TFD: Ranking Every Descendant – Bossing Tierlist
TFD: Ranking Every Descendant – AOE Tierlist

The Overall Rating combines all factors to provide a comprehensive ranking of each descendant class, considering their versatility, effectiveness across different scenarios, and overall impact on gameplay. The First Descendant – Which Descendant is best for you? provides the most detailed guide for each descendant, helping you quickly dominate the battlefield. Here’s a concise ranking of The First Descendant characters:

S· Bunny: Considered one of the strongest characters due to her speed, AOE damage, and boss DPS potential
· Gley: Excellent for boss fights with high burst damage
· Valby: Strong all-around character with good performance in various situations
· Jayber: Excels in both boss fights and mob clearing, with healing abilities
A· Lepic: Good starting character with a mix of survivability and damage output
· Kyle: Tanky character with decent damage and utility
· Freyna: Solid damage dealer with DoT (Damage over Time) abilities
· Ajax: Tank character with good survivability, especially effective in solo play
B· Blair: Fire damage over time character, but lacks mobility and defenses
· Viessa: Has some crowd control abilities but underperforms compared to higher-tier characters
C· Sharen: Good for mobbing but underperforms in boss fights
· Esiemo: New character, ranked lower due to limited information
· Enzo: New character, ranked lower due to limited information
Unranked (due to lack of specific information):· Yujin

This ranking takes into account the characters’ overall performance across different aspects of the game, including boss fights, mob clearing, and utility. It’s important to note that character effectiveness can vary based on player skill, gear, and specific game modes. Additionally, as the game receives updates and balance changes, these rankings may shift over time.