Monopoly Go Dice Multipliers Trick and Guide

Monopoly Go Dice Multipliers

Monopoly Go is played by rolling dice, so dice are very important factors to achieve the core of unlocking tasks. Are you ready? Next, you can learn what dice multiplier is, how to activate it and what is the best way to use it.

What are dice multipliers specifically?

In Monopoly Go, without dice multiplier, the sum of the two dice rolls is the total number of steps the token advances. It works like a bet. When your dice roll multiplier is activated, you click “Go” in the middle of the bottom of the game, and the multiplication is how many times, which is how many dice will be consumed by pressing the button. Of course, there will be rewards for consuming dice. For example, let’s say you play the game with a x5 dice roll multiplier, click the “GO!” button and win 10 dice rolls. In this case, the game will use the 2 dice rolls you clicked the “GO!” button and give 50 (10 x 5) bonus rolls.

How to activate the dice roll multiplier in Monopoly Go?

It’s actually very simple, as mentioned above, just click the small circle with a number button on the upper right of the GO button, which is usually very obvious. Just like that, you have activated the dice multiplier process. You can modify and increase the multiplier according to the number of dice you have. Of course, you can set it to reach the maximum multiplier.

The multiplier affects the rewards you get on a specific tile. They are the following important factors and are also the focus of the player machine:

• Community Chest Tiles
• Shutdowns
• Bank Robbery and Super Robbery
• Chance Card Rewards
• Quick Win Missions
• Tournament and Event Progress Bar
• Free Parking

What are the best tips for using the Monopoly Go rolling multiplier?

In the game, using the dice rolling multiplier does not guarantee a reward every time. Here are some tips to help you use the dice rolling multiplier as the best way to get more rewards:

• Avoid using the dice rolling multiplier in corner tile events. Corner tiles are harder to land

• Get dice through daily check-ins, save Monopoly Go dice to use dice roll multipliers in good events

• Use multipliers before crossing GO blocks to increase your rewards

• If your account has a low number of dice rolls, it is recommended to avoid using dice roll multipliers

• Choose multipliers wisely based on roll balance and situation

However, the above best tips are not suitable for all players, you can apply them according to your situation. The wisest strategy is to use the 6, 7, 8 dice trick. Maximize your dice multiplier when you are six, seven or eight blocks away from your goal. This is because six, seven and eight dice rolls are the most common dice results – with a probability of recurring 25%. If you think about it, there are three possible dice combinations that can give you these numbers, more than any other dice roll.

Will you win by relying solely on dice multipliers in Monopoly Go?

Not necessarily, if you can use dice multipliers correctly, actively participate in in-game activities, and learn more strategies, then you will have a chance to win more rewards in tournaments or when upgrading your net worth. To use the dice multiplier as a tool to adjust your strategy, if your dice are limited or about to run out, then you should avoid using the dice multiplier and think about getting free dice in other ways to supplement.

The above is a simple summary of the Monopoly dice multiplier. If you have other ideas, you can leave a message in the comment area to discuss. You can bookmark this article, and I will continue to update Monopoly articles about strategies in the future. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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