Monopoly Go Independence Stars Rewards and Milestones Guide

Monopoly Go Independence Stars

Monopoly Go is hosting a lively competition in mid-July called “Monopoly Go Independence Stars“, which will start on July 7 and will last for two days. “Independence Stars” will offer 30 different levels of rewards, also known as milestones, which can be unlocked by earning a certain number of points. These rewards include most of the main resources in Monopoly Go, including pickaxe tokens, stickers, and free dice rolls.

Note: Pay attention to the time, manage your time wisely, and don’t miss the best rewards!

Here are all the Monopoly Indie Star rewards and milestones you want to know:

Event level Points Required Rewards
1 30 Four pickaxes
2 60 50 Dice Rolls
3 40 One-Star Sticker Pack
4 100 75 Dice Rolls
5 140 Five pickaxes
6 175 Five minutes of High Roller
7 140 Seven pickaxes
8 180 Two-Star Sticker Pack
9 190 Eight pickaxes
10 200 175 Dice Rolls
11 220 10 pickaxes
12 230 Three-Star Sticker pack
13 240 175 Dice Rolls
14 300 12 pickaxes
15 400 275 Dice Rolls
16 375 25 minutes of Mega Heist
17 425 15 pickaxes
18 500 Cash
19 600 400 Dice Rolls
20 650 18 pickaxes
21 550 Cash
22 700 Four-Star Sticker pack
23 800 Cash
24 1000 650 Dice Rolls
25 900 25 pickaxes
26 1300 Cash
27 1500 900 Dice Rolls
28 1600 10 minutes of Cash Boost
29 1800 Cash
30 2000 1,300 Dice Rolls


1. What are the best rewards for Monopoly Go Indie Stars among these 30 milestones?

Dice are the most important rewards in Monopoly GO, and after completing the tournament, Indie Stars can total up to 4,000. Pickaxe tokens are also top priority, as the Sunset Treasure event ends on July 8. Even if you can’t complete the treasure hunt, the pickaxe can unlock various rewards after completing the level.

Stickers are another top reward, even in lower star packs like green and orange. Any sticker you earn unlocks a set, earning you more dice rolls. Duplicate stickers turn into stars, unlocking vaults containing various rewards.

2. How to get the points needed for Monopoly Go Independence Stars?

You can get rewards for Monopoly Go Independence Stars tournaments by landing on railway tiles and participating in mini-game activities such as shutdowns and bank robberies. The higher your dice multiplier, the more points you earn to unlock milestone rewards.

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