How to Trade Duplicate Stickers in Monopoly Go

Trade Duplicate Stickers in Monopoly Go

In addition to daily activities, Monopoly Go also has an exciting sticker trading session. Collecting stickers becomes another fun way for players to do besides buying houses and rolling dice. When stickers are collected, there will be many duplicate stickers, and some players don’t know what to do. This article will tell you how to use duplicate stickers to trade for the stickers you need. That is, you and your friends can exchange stickers safely and legally, so that each other can get the missing stickers.

Requires attention:
. Only duplicate stickers have the chance to be traded. Unique and rare stickers cannot be traded, as they may fill gaps in a friend’s photo album.

. The first step of trading can be done by adding friends on Facebook. However, you can only trade five stickers per day.

The process of initiating a sticker trade:

① Open the Monopoly Go app. If you don’t have it, you need to download it from the software store.

② Open the album button in the lower right corner of Monopoly.

③ Click on the duplicate sticker you need to trade in the album.

④ Then, click “Send to a friend” and select the desired friend player from the list. Be careful not to choose the wrong one, otherwise you will lose the duplicate stickers.

⑤ Launch the “Make Exchange” button.

⑥ Send the request and the copy of the sticker.

This completes the basic process of trading stickers. At the same time, the other player must go to the “Timeline” tab and choose to accept or reject the trade. If accepted, they must offer their stickers in exchange. After that, you will see the rewards your friend offers you. Finally, if you are satisfied with the terms of the exchange, all you have to do is agree. If you don’t like the deal offered to you, then you can just refuse and not spend any money.

In addition to adding friends on Facebook and trading stickers individually, you can also join the Monopoly GO official trading group on Facebook to find players who can trade. There, you can post the stickers you need and the stickers that can be traded. When the player you want to trade stickers with is in your friends list, you can start trading.

— Beware of deals that are too good to be true, such as someone offering to trade 5 stars for 4 stars. Scammers will try to lure you in and get you to send first, saying their stickers are worth more. Try to find 1:1 5-star deals, and deals where a reasonable number of stars are exchanged for one star.

— Don’t be fooled by scams because “I’ve been scammed before, so I won’t pay first.” Many people try to use this method to get me to pay first. If you have a good trading record, they should pay first anyway.

—If you find someone trading the card you need, don’t rush to throw your card to them, consider the above tips and try to make good judgment, if you find that they have made a lot of other trades, then go for it.

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Thank you for your browsing. I hope you can bookmark this article. It will be updated later. In addition to buying and trading stickers, you can also get a small amount of stickers by completing tasks in the Monopoly game. I believe that you will win the game soon if you master more strategies! Good luck!