Why Do Many People Think That Monopoly Go Is a Game of Luck?

Monopoly Go

From a realistic perspective, Monopoly Go is a board game that relies on strategy to roll dice to build properties and complete transactions. If it is based on luck, it can be regarded as a random dice rolling game, and the real Monopoly is actually a game of capital monopoly. However, some people think that Monopoly (including variants such as Monopoly Go) is a game that relies heavily on luck for the following reasons:

Dice Roll

The movement of tokens on the board is determined by rolling the dice. This element introduces randomness into the game because players have limited control over where they land. Luck in the dice roll can affect how quickly players acquire properties, land on opponents’ expensive properties, or avoid expensive spaces (such as income tax or prison).

Radom Rewards( Such as stickers)

Monopoly Go gives gamers the joy of collecting stickers, but when completing tasks or activities, the stickers obtained are only random, and excessive accumulation leads to repetition and less practicality. Many players complain about this. Those hard-to-collect five-star stickers are completely dependent on luck and are generally difficult to find in rewards. Some players get them for free in the top three rankings of the tournament. For players who are last in the game, the luck is too bad!

Card Drawing

Many Monopoly versions, including Go variants, involve card drawing (Chance or Community Chests), which can significantly change a player’s fortunes. These cards can provide windfalls (such as receiving money) or setbacks (such as paying fines or taxes), depending entirely on luck.

Property Availability

The initial property obtained depends on where the player lands after rolling the dice. This can lead to an uneven distribution of property between players that is based on luck rather than strategic decisions.

Trade Outcome

In Monopoly Go, successful trade negotiations often involve timing and negotiation skills, but the outcome still depends on the luck of having the right property at the right time or getting a favorable deal from an opponent.

Random Events

Some Monopoly Go variants may introduce additional random events or rewards associated with parking in specific spaces (such as Go or free parking), which further emphasizes that luck is more important than strategy.

Chance Element in Revenue

Revenue in Monopoly Go variants often includes rewards or variations based on passing the board or other rules, which increases the unpredictability of the game and enhances the perception of luck.

While strategy and negotiation play an important role in Monopoly Go, the reliance on luck stems from the introduction of random elements into the game mechanics, such as dice rolls, card draws, and the initial distribution of property. Players who perceive luck as dominant may believe that their strategic decisions are often determined by chance events, leading them to feel that Monopoly is a game of luck.

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