How about Trials of Osiris in The Final Shape?

Destiny 2’s latest DLC, “The Final Shape,” has delivered a remarkable array of new content, including exotic quests, an exceptional narrative, a standout raid, and a powerful new PVE linear fusion rifle ideal for Grandmaster Nightfalls. This guide aims to help you decide whether Trials of Osiris is worth your time this season by examining three key factors: rewards, fun, and reliability.

Is Trials of Osiris Rewarding?

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Loot and Materials

Over the years, Trials of Osiris has become more rewarding in terms of materials traditionally locked behind PVE activities. Going Flawless and winning matches can net you a significant amount of ascendant and enhancement materials. However, most players are interested in Pinnacle rewards for winning rounds on a single passage and the Adept weapons themselves.

Adept Weapons Rotation

This season’s rotation includes:

  • Shy’s Wrath (with a new perk pool)
  • Eye of Sol (sniper rifle)
  • Inzer (trace rifle)
  • Icarus’s Care (two-round burst pulse rifle)
  • The Prophet (scout rifle)
  • The Summoner (auto rifle)
  • The Cat (grenade launcher)

While some weapons like The Summoner and The Prophet offer great potential for both PVE and PVP, most have been available long enough that veteran players might already have them. The only new weapon, Icarus’s Care, is underwhelming, with little value in either PVP or PVE.

Conclusion on Rewards

The rewards in Trials depend heavily on what you’ve already collected. Diehard PVP players might find value in the unique materials, but overall, there’s not much excitement unless you’re new and need to collect these items.

Is Trials of Osiris Fun?

Meta and Variety

Destiny 2’s fun factor heavily relies on variety in subclasses, builds, and weapons. Unfortunately, Trials currently suffers from a stifling meta, dominated by prismatic Hunters using the Threaded Spectre ability. This setup allows Hunters to dodge, slow opponents, leave behind a bomb and radar ping, and use a decoy with high aim assist, creating an almost unbeatable scenario.

Balance Issues

The overpowered state of Threaded Spectre makes the game frustrating for those not using it. The current meta significantly skews player distribution, with 50% of players being Hunters, compared to 30% Warlocks and 20% Titans.

Conclusion on Fun

For those who don’t use the Threaded Spectre ability, Trials can be a frustrating experience. The lack of balance makes it less enjoyable, though this might change with midseason updates from Bungie.

Is Trials of Osiris Reliable?

Game Stability and Matchmaking

Trials remains a stable game mode with fair rules, solid connections, and acceptable queue times. However, issues like repeatedly facing the same players and encountering teammates who throw matches can be problematic. These issues are less prevalent with a larger player base, but the current meta dissuades many from playing.

Conclusion on Reliability

Despite some issues, Trials is generally a stable and reliable mode. Frequent balance updates from Bungie could improve the overall experience, making it more appealing.

Final Grades and Recommendations

  • Rewarding Experience: C+
  • Fun Experience: C-
  • Reliable Experience: B+

While there’s room for improvement, ongoing feedback and updates can help Trials become a more welcoming and rewarding playlist. Whether you decide to play this season depends on your goals and tolerance for the current meta.