5 Top Tips to Earn 5-Star Stickers in Monopoly Go

Many players should be familiar with Monopoly Go stickers. Monopoly Go stickers are collectibles that players can use to enhance the game experience and are the factors to complete the sticker album. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, only when you find the corresponding pieces can you put them together. At the same time, stickers are also part of Monopoly rewards. According to the rarity, they are divided into one star to five stars. Among them, five-star stickers are the most fascinating to players because they are rare and difficult to obtain, and they can get rich rewards after collecting them.

Fortunately, there are still some ways to get five-star stickers. In the process of collecting sticker albums, you need to be patient to complete the tasks or mini-games on the Monopoly board. If you need to know more about Monopoly game strategies, you can read other content in my blog. 

Here are 5 ways to help you get five-star stickers.

Complete Daily and Weekly Tasks

Monopoly Go offers daily and weekly tasks that reward players with various prizes, including stickers. By completing these tasks continuously, you can accumulate rewards over time, which may include five-star stickers. These tasks are usually simple, such as rolling a certain number of free dice or upgrading attributes. Prioritize completing tasks that reward sticker packs. Even if the tasks seem mundane, the cumulative effect of completing them will earn you rare stickers. Completing the Quick Win milestone each week by tapping the “Win” icon and completing all the tasks to fill up the progress bar may earn you a purple sticker pack containing rare five-star stickers.

Participate in More Activities and Events

Monopoly Go hosts various tournaments and milestone-type limited-time events every month, such as high rollers, rail rallies, and more. If players place in the top three in the tournament, they will have a good chance of getting a lot of dice, rare 5-star stickers, and cash rewards.

Purchase Sticker Packs

While purchasing sticker packs is not a free tip, it is an effective way to get five-star stickers. It is hard and occupied-time action to all complete the sticker albums. Some players don’t have too much time to collect them. You can buy 5 star Monopoly Go stickers online. This does not require you to make an effort to communicate with others or play the game. You just need to choose a trusted website to make the purchase, such as U4gm.

As the price, now ,buy Monopoly Go sticker in U4GM ,such as 5-star sticker, only $4.99 ,it is worthy to buy.

Trade Cards with Friends

Trading Stickers is another useful way to get 5 star stickers. If you have duplicates of low-star stickers or even other five-star stickers, you can trade them with friends who may need those specific stickers. Coordinating with a group of friends or joining a sticker trading community can greatly improve your chances of getting the five-star stickers you need. Join Monopoly Go social media groups or forums where players often trade stickers. These communities are very useful for finding the stickers you need.

Get Rewards For Duplicate Cards

Redeem your duplicate stickers for rewards through the Card Rewards system. Access the corresponding button in your album, where you can exchange your duplicate stickers for safes containing various rewards. There are three safes — Green, Blue, and Purple — that players can unlock with 250, 500, and 1000 stars respectively. Green and blue safes contain 3 and 4-star stickers, while purple guarantees a 5-star sticker.


Generally speaking, searching for 5 stickers in Monopoly Go can be a challenge, but these guides can get you closer to completing your sticker collection. From a strategic point of view, actively participating in activities can obtain a variety of rewards, allowing you to enjoy the joy brought by the game while completing tasks and receiving generous rewards. Wouldn’t that be great! Start your monopoly journey!

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