The FFXIV Patch 3.1 hard mode of Pharos Sirius Strategy

Do you remember the Pharos Sirius in Patch 2.0? For some players the Pharos Sirius may be a dungeon full of memory. At that time, you might reach Lv.50 and expect to get high ilvl gear from the Pharos Sirius. Now few of players would like to rush the Pharos Sirius. But after Patch 3.1 updated, players have reasons to enter the Pharos Sirius again. The Pharos Sirius hard mode is added. Come with FFXIV4GIL, let’s go to know more about the hard mode of Pharos Sirius.


The same as the normal mode, it is a 4-player raid, 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2DPS. Lv.60 players need to start the Lv.60 Sidequest Things Are Getting Sirius. Players can start the quest by talking to Trachraet in Lima Lominsa Upper Decks (x12, y12). To unlock the quest, players need to complete the level 60 Main Scenario Quest Heavensward (Quest), Sidequest Why So Sirius and completed the original Pharos Sirius. It also requires players’ item level 170 or higher. If you reach the requirements, let’s enter the hard mode of Pharos Sirius together.

Ghrah Luminary
First you’ll fight Corruption (uses Damnation dive, deals damage in front of them), Corrupted Slime, and Corrupted Flans that cast Banish down a staircase. Once the path is cleared, you’ll enter the Aether Compressor and face off against Corrupted Sprites (casts banish) and Corrupted Wolves (Uses Foul Bite for moderate damage). During this time, corrupted rocks will fall down from the ceiling and attack with Aether Detonation on impact. Once those are dead, drop down (land on the pipes to grab a chest) and enter the Fuel Chamber to battle the Ghrah Luminary. The Grah Luminary uses the following moves.

1). Vorpal Blade: High-ish tank damage. Also used my Corruption in humanoid form.
2).Corruption: Occasionally a corruption sphere will spawn on the side of the arena and use Targeting to tether a party member. Dragging the tether over one of the untargetable spiders (Literally just called Spider) or birds (Sirius Screamer in the chat log) in the arena will cause it to link to them, and use Aetheric Mimicry and Matter Shift to take their form (via buff Legs of the Spider, Wings of the Raptor, or Strings of the Marionette). It will then become targetable, and should be taken out ASAP. If the player does NOT drag the tether over one of the monsters, it will use Aetheric Mimicry on them instead, dealing heavy damage and causing the corruption to take a humanoid shape like the Luminary, as well as granting the Luminary a Damage Up buff.
3).Acid Spray: Used by spider corruptions, leaves a pool of poison.
4).Damnation Dive: Used by bird corruptions, deals damage in a short line in front of the mob.
5).Luminous Lancet: Strikes three targeted areas with Astral damage.
The key to this fight is simply to make sure to always drag the tethers to the mobs to avoid creating humanoid corruptions.

8th Order Patriarch Be Gu
You’ll start facing Kobolds and their creations now. Construct 8 is basically a Cyclops monster in new paint, Time Bombs have plenty of HP and simply explode, Coral Dobylns are typical, and 8th Order Roundsman are gladiator mobs. The Simple Bomb Incubators will continuously spawn Time Bombs until defeated, so take those out first. Beyond the first incubator you’ll also find 8th Order Pickman, which are just Marauders just before the Second Spire and 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu. Be Gu uses the following attacks.

1).Strip Mine Room-wide AoE that deals more damage the closer you are to the impact site, and leaves a rupture in the floor. The rupture causes Corrupted Gels to spawn until it’s sealed by killed a gel over the fissure.
2).Frack: Moderate tank damage.
3).Adds: On occasion, Be Gu will summon two 8th Order Furnaceman that will spam Titan’s Anger on random party members, along with two Alchemy Engines that provide Damage Up and Shocking Counter buffs to him. The Furnacemen are conjurers and should be defeated before the engines.
4).Loose Screw: Spammed while the Furnacemen and Engines are up, he charges across the battlefield at high speed dealing damage to those he runs into.
5).Batter: AoE damage centered on himself.
This fight is all about dealing with adds. Taking out the gels on top of the fissures is the only complicated part of the fight.

Progenitrix and Progenitor
Down in the Sapper Tunnels you’ll deal with more bomb incubators that now spit out stronger Time Grenades, roundsmens, and pickmen, as well as 8th Order Bedesman, which are conjurers. You’ll also encounter Living Rock, a behemoth reskin. In the final room, you’ll find some Construct 8s attacking structures called Pharos Wall. If these walls are destroyed, Living Rocks will come out and attack the party.

Progenitrix is a two-phase fight. The first phase has the following mechanics:
1.Scalding Scolding: Swipe attack on the tank.
2. Sap: Targeted AoE damage.
3.Bombshell Drop: Spawns Lava Bombs and Grey Bombs. The Grey Bombs will keep growing in size and eventually detonate (Wipe mechanic?), while the lava bombs melee for a while, then use Big Burst to blow up in a small circle.
4.Big Burst: She will use this at low HP, killing her before it goes off causes it to go off anyway with reduced damage. Once she does, three lava bombs and three grey bombs will spawn, followed by phase 2.
Phase 2 is indicated by her now being blue and having the name Progenitor.
5. Scorched Earth: Used at the start of the phase, room-wide low damage.
6.Blue Flame: AoE attack that inflicts Fire Vulnerability Up on the party. Used periodically, functions as an enrage mechanic.
7.Big Burst: Used during the fight to do moderate room-wide damage, and spawns a grey bomb and a Remedy Bomb. The Remedy Bomb should tries to float towards the Grey Bomb, but any attack will knock it away from the attacker. Advised to have the healer focus on knocking the remedy back while the DPS burn down the grey bomb. The Remedy Bomb immediately dies when the Grey Bomb does. Later in the fight multiple pairs will spawn, adjust accordingly.

High DPS is a necessity during this fight due to the large number of adds that must be defeated before they explode, as well as someone willing to babysit the remedy bombs. So long as you can swiftly take out the Grey Bombs, keep the Remedy Bombs from reaching them, and finish her off before you get too many stacks, she should pose little trouble.As loot, players could get not only ilvl 185 gear but also 80 Allagan Tomestone of Law and 40 Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. In addition to buying crafting gear form MB with FFXIV Gil, rushing in Pharos Sirius could help players to upgrade item level. For some new players or players who reach Lv.60 just now, Pharos Sirius is a good choice.