Mastering Monopoly Go With the Top 9 Tips

Monopoly GO

In Monopoly Go, every player seeks the golden path to victory and ultimately dominates the board. In this comprehensive guide, we will share with you 9 invaluable tips to elevate your gameplay and ensure you’re always one step ahead in the game.

Using the Power of Free Dice

Dice to help you climb to the top in Monopoly Go. Discover various methods to secure free dice, ensuring continuous play and enhancing your chances of success. From daily gifts in the game’s shop to leveraging official websites for extra rolls, these strategies are your important step towards dominating the board.

Mastering Color Wheel Boost

Monopoly Wheels are one of the most sought-after mini-games similar to a spinning lottery wheel that can offer players the chance to double their rewards on certain properties. By strategically upgrading landmarks and timing your plays, you can exploit this boost to amass significant gains, from extra dice to valuable sticker packs.

Strategic Targeting for Maximum Rewards

Identifying the right targets can significantly impact your resource accumulation. Learn to pinpoint inactive players for easy gains and understand the signs of unprotected boards. This approach not only increases your rewards but also conserves your resources for more strategic attacks.

The Magic of the Number 6.7.8

As you move around the board normally, just use the smallest multiplier available. But when you are 6, 7, or 8 Tiles away from a desired target, max out your Dice Multiplier. This is because 6, 7, and 8 rolls are the most common dice outcomes—with a 25% chance of recurring.

Trading Stickers

Trading Monopoly Go Stickers are the backbone of progress. Engage with the community, join trading groups, and participate in events to collect rare cards and complete your sticker book for ultimate rewards. However, collecting stickers can prove to be a hassle for many players since there are only limited ways to get your hands on them. So you can buy Stickers Monopoly Go you want directly on U4gm( The cheapest prices, safest trade, and fastest delivery stickers store).

Sticker Booms and Event Synergy

A Sticker Boom Event is an in-game event in Monopoly GO that increases the sticker counts for players when they open a sticker pack. However, like other in-game events, this is a time-sensitive event and appears for a very short duration. So, it’s best to log in when you have enough time to actively play and gather as many Sticker Packs as possible from other events happening at the same time.

Collecting and Using Shields

Shields are a way to protect your landmarks from attacks, preventing enemies from destroying your properties and taking your money. You’ll generally get them by participating in tournaments or other events. They’ve also appeared as part of Monopoly GO‘s various mini-games, partner events, and even sticker albums. Collecting and using these Shields effectively can be the difference between becoming rich and going into bankruptcy.

Don‘t Miss Gold Stickers

Gold stickers are the rarest and trickiest ones to track down. Filling out a given sticker set usually provides extra dice rolls and money, but some also include tokens you can use to represent yourself on the game board. To get gold cards in Monopoly, complete the tasks in the Quick Wins menu and participate in events. Or to trade gold monopoly stickers with other players, and participate in the Golden Blitz event. Anyway, don’t miss any one gold sticker.

Spending Money Before Leaving

Opponents can steal a player’s money and leave them bankrupt. So, it’s best to spend money while it’s available; don’t hoard too much. Anticipate periods of inactivity by spending your in-game currency wisely. This preemptive strategy ensures you return to a game where your resources have been invested rather than depleted by opportunistic players.

By following these top tips, you’ll not enjoy the game but also find yourself climbing the ranks of Monopoly Go with confidence.