9 Must-Have Fallout 76 Weapons

Items are the lifeblood of your ensured survival in Fallout 76, granting you many advantages for elevating your combat. Fallout 76 items include weapons, armor, ammunition, and other items. Especially weapons, they can help you combat the many threats of the wasteland. There are many weapons in Fallout 76, but there are a select few that stand out from the rest as the best guns. So in this guide, we will show you some of the most powerful Fallout 76 weapons.

Handmade Rifle

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This is probably the most sought-after weapon in the game. From a variety of magazines, hardened receivers, and barrel augments, to its fast fire rate and high base damage, this weapon will carry you through any fight. You can also pair it with either the Commando or Rifleman perks to maximize its damage output — it can melt even the strongest enemies.

Tesla Rifle

Fallout 76 Items

In Fallout 76, the Tesla rifle is a fantastic ranged weapon recognized for its unique and electrifying properties. This energy-based weapon fires powerful electrical discharges that arc between targets, making it an effective tool to deal with several opponents. While each chained target takes 35 percent less damage than the previous one, rapid successive hits will add up quickly, shredding through health bars. If you want to bump the damage up a bit, use a Charging Shotgun Barrel mod to gain an extra 30 energy damage per hit.

Gatling Gun

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No weapon offers the same feeling of power as the Gatling Gun. This heavy-duty weapon can spit out bullets with enough force to stop any ghoul in its tracks. This mid-range weapon is obtained by various means; however, it’s most commonly found on mid-game enemies, weapon containers, and government supply drops. Also, you can buy this weapon from U4gm, the best store that has Fallout 76 items for sale.

Gauss Rifle

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The Gauss Rifle is a high-level weapon that slings radioactive materials at high velocities toward your enemies. The best way to employ this weapon is to mod it out as much as you can, charge it up, and go for sneak attacks. You can equip the Rifleman Perk to boost the rifle’s damage and then Covert Operative to max out the sneak multiplier for devastating effect. The Gauss Rifle uses the easily made 2mm electromagnetic cartridge, which means ammunition will never be a hassle.

Pepper Shaker

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The Pepper Shaker is a unique automatic heavy shotgun that simply puts all other shotguns to shame. The powerful eight-shell blast can be rapidly fired to eviscerate enemies in seconds from close range. In addition, you can modify it to accept plasma cartridges or fusion cells instead — if you’ve got a stockpile of those lying around. Bosses cower at the sight of this gargantuan gun, and you should too if you challenge a player using one to a duel.

The Fixer

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The Fixer will stand out to you if you prefer a stealthy approach. It allows you to mow down enemies in a few hits while simultaneously moving faster in stealth mode. In addition to its intrinsic stealth bonus, you can augment this excellent rifle with legendary stealth perks or other powerful modifications to add explosive damage or double the shots fired per trigger pull. It’s the perfect weapon to rain havoc on your enemies.

Black Diamond

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Packing solid damage, a built-in modification, and a bonus to your strength, the Black Diamond is a solid bet if you’re looking for a melee weapon to carry you through the end game. It is recommended that, after modifying it, you couple it with the Martial Artist Perk to increase the swing speed, and the Gladiator Perk to increase its base damage as you slice through the wastes.

Perfect Storm

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The Perfect Storm is a legendary 10mm submachine gun that sets enemies ablaze for three seconds, dealing additional fire damage. Also, you can modify the weapon to equip the Commando Perk to boost the damage even further. Enjoy the satisfying bullet plinks as your enemy’s health bar burns down to zero.

The Dragon

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This is a Black Powder Rifle on steroids. With a base damage of 230, it is already a powerful weapon. Then you realize that it has four barrels that discharge all at once when fired, leading to a potential base damage of 920 if all rounds connect. You can greatly amplify the damage output by employing the Rifleman and Covert Operative perk cards and using the weapon as an opener to any engagement. With the increased damage and sneak multiplier, it is bound to make enemies evaporate into pink mist.