Worthy 96 OVR PG in MYTEAM – 2K23

NBA 2K released a 96 OVR PINK DIAMOND Marcus Smart card in March, and his best position is PG. In the game, the budget of this player card is low. You only need about 10K NBA 2K23 MT to own it. It is a player card worth owning on a low budget.

Why is Marcus Smart trustworthy?
He is a very good PG with 93 ball and 87 mid-range. Besides that, 2K also gave him 95 driving dunk and a 90 ball handle, so he should be really good at going to the basket defensively, in He’s going to be a formidable beast on the court, but he’s also swift, with 94 speed, 94 acceleration and 94 speed with the ball.

In addition to solid attributes, he has 11 HoF badges, including Bully, Posterizer, Clamp Breaker, etc., and 40 Gold badges, including Giant Slayer, Limitless Takeoff, etc.

Badge list

As seen from the badge list above, with 7 HoF Defensive Badges, Marcus Smart will be a very good defensive player. Through testing, you will find that his jump shot is also very reliable in the game, and the feeling of moving is perfect, the action is very stable, and the speed is very fast. For players below 10K MT, this is a seriously underestimated PG card.

This card was a dawg in the challenge. He’s great on defense and can effectively suppress the opponent’s attack in the game.

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