Square Enix Has Announced New Content For Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

Players will turn their gaze to Doma in the next chapter of the main scenario quest line. In addition to the raid content, the upcoming patch includes other updates, such as new trials and dungeons, a large update to the glamour system, a number of system enhancements, and the highly anticipated Forbidden Land of Eureka. More news and the recent information, click for source.

Final Fantasy XIV:

Square Enix has announced new content for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood with the latest patch 4.2. Called Rise of a New Sun, it introduces a brand new eight-man raid, Omega: Sigmascape.

A list of initially announced content updates for the patch are listed below:
New Dungeons
New Primal Battle
Housing Updates
New Raid Dungeon
The Feast PvP Updates
Glamour System Updates
The Forbidden Land of Eureka
A New Duty Recorder Feature
New Main Scenario and Side Quests
Updates to bard’s performance actions, additional inventory through the use of a new companion storage feature, and more.

New sidequests will be added, including a new chapter of the Hildibrand storyline (which will actually come in 4.25, since the team found out that most do this kind of content last anyway), and the Ananta Beast Tribe Quests. A new raid will be implemented, continuing the Omega saga. Omega: Sigmascape will have both a normal and a savage version. It’s interesting to see that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.