FFXIV: The Seasonal Event Is Basically The Game’s Version Of Christmas

At every year, as the popular game, Final Fantasy XIV, the game always held annual celebration of the holiday season, this event also is called the Starlight Celebration. If you are in the mood for a little holiday fun Final Fantasy XIV style, you’re in luck. The Starlight Celebration is slated to start on December 15th and run all the way through December 31st. In this year, according to Square Enix, ensuring that the usual cheer and joy that accompanies the seasonal event arrives in full force. Come to here and find more news and informations about the upcoming event.

Final Fantasy XIV

As usual, there will be a questline starting at the amphitheater in Gridania, received from NPC Amh Garanjy. The requirement will be level 15. This time around we get no outfits, with the main reward being a flying bear mount dressed like Santa that can throw presents which explode in sparkling snowflakes on impact. On top of that, we get two Kugane-style tabletop decorations, a mini-Christmas three, a lovely poster, and an orchestrion roll.

For those of you curious about how the game is faring in 2017, Final Fantasy XIV released its latest expansion Stormblood this past summer, adding more jobs, gear, and changes to the MMO’s battle system. If today’s news serves as any indication, it seems as though the game will continue to be supported well into 2018 and perhaps even beyond. Needless to say, every year, Final Fantasy XIV players around the world get into the Holiday mood with the traditional Starlight Celebration.

Christmas is coming, the seasonal event is basically the game’s version of Christmas, with its own lore and legends that expand pretty much each year. In this event, players will be gifted two tabletop decorations, a mini-Christmas tree, a poster, and an orchestration roll for their efforts, the likes of which probably includes the adorable Starlight Celebration theme we’ve all grown to love. Due to this game’s fun, and along with a variety of activities, we are pleased to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.