FFXIV: Yoshida Would Like To Open It Up To As Many Platforms As Possible

Final Fantasy XIV is marking the beginning of season six of its competitive PvP, which will run until the release of patch 4.2. Rival Wings is available now, with the release of Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.15, and even if you don’t have an active subscription to the game, you can play Rival Wings as part of the free trial. If you longing to more this game’s tips and guides, view more at FFXIV4Gil.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV likes to keep players interested with three month major patch cycles. Final Fantasy XIV is getting a MOBA. Patch 4.15 adds Rival Wings, a 48-player battle across a huge arena. Final Fantasy XIV’s Director Naoki Yoshida shared that he would be interested in bringing the massive MMORPG to other platforms, including Switch and Xbox One.

Naoki Yoshida said: ” I’d like to open it up to as many platforms as possible – we want to include as many players as possible.” He replied. The interview goes over the turmoil that plagued the early days of the game before its reboot and how its initial failure was an important catalyst to its grand revival when Yoshida took over. Naoki Yoshida gave us a lot of interesting information, from housing to squadrons and more. We even hear that work on the next expansion has begun.

“Following those initial updates, we would like to shift our focus to new initiatives, including updates to apartments.” According to Naoki Yoshida. He added: “we are planning on expanding the squadron content itself in future updates, and plan to add features like taking on special missions as well as expanding which dungeons you can challenge”. Naoki Yoshida elaborated more information, to get more information through here.