FFXIV Patch 4.15 Will Add Features That Could Not Appear On The Last Update

According to perception, Square Enix will release 4.15 next week, it will include the mode “Ailes Rivales”. The patch will complete the update 4.1 released a month ago, and will allow you to take part in a rabid battle on Final Fantasy XIV. To add some features that could not appear on the last update, are you ready to meet this new patch? In the update 4.1, quite consistent, we could see a lot of interesting content, recommend you to view website.

Final Fantasy XIV

In FFXIV Patch 4.1, we have found a new chapter entitled “return to the fold”, as well as a raid system, “Return to Ivalice: the royal city of Rabanastre”. But also new additions to quest and tribal quests, a new dungeon and a residential area. Unfortunately, features and modes could not be added. Since its release in September 2010, FFXIV has been updated many times. For example, there are paid extensions like Stormblood, or updates, the last (4.1) dating from last month.

However, in the upcoming FFXIV patch 4.15, you will be able to use various objects for the battles, and will have to defend certain strategic places. Note also that a big mount will be offered to the winners of the mode. Mechanical soldiers, the Pantins (who are NPCs), who are programmed to destroy enemy towers and hearts, will also be able to help you in battle. You can also control war machines, which can be specialized to fight players or towers.

The patch’s most significant addition is a new sequence of quests that extends FFXIV’s main story. The 4.1 update also adds a big new alliance raid, called Return to Ivalice, which involves an airship, the land of Ivalice, and some cool-looking creatures. Players deeply believe that the new patch will brings more new content. The team will break the opposing defense, and destroy the two towers that protect the “heart” enemy, to finally annihilate the latter. Without a doubt, look closely on FFXIV4Gil, and this website is now selling cheap and safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil.