Handy Tips About Leveling Up Quickly in FFXIV


One point that I’d like to put forward here is that this guide is useful to both newbies and veterans. Providing tips on how to level up faster, this guide should also come in handy for those leveling up new jobs or perhaps trying to grind from level 50 – 60.

1. The xp you get from dungeons will really help with leveling up. I know this sounds simple and boring, but the best thing to do is to grind the dungeons over and over again. This will help you out with gear and will boost your level up too. Also there is a challenge for beating five dungeons in a week which will grant a slight bonus xp.

2. Daily Roulettes will be a god send when leveling up, giving a massive exp boost at the end of the dungeons; and if you are level 60, it will also give tomestones of Law and you will also get a nice amount of gil. There is also a challenge that will give you even more exp once you have done three dungeons in the roulette which again provides a nice boost in experience points.

3. Do Level quests. These aren’t great for experience points, especially as they take some time to recharge, but they are really good experience even they do take some time. I would say never do the new temple leves until they have been changed because they cost 10 but give less than the amount you would get from the individual quests. This will take longer but it’s a lot more efficient.

4. Do your daily hunts. These can be acquired in the old areas. The new Ishgard hunts start at level 52 and will give you a decent amount of experience points and seals every day. After 52 you get another rank at 54 and 56 which will give you even more seals and xp. You need the seals to upgrade your Law equipment from 170 – 180.

5. Do all the side quests. The side quests reward you with good equipment that will help you upgrade if you have been unlucky in the dungeons. There are an insane amount of sidequests in this expansion so this was my main way to level up. You will spend a lot of time in the churning mists as a result.

6. If you really have to, or are leveling a job under 50, then do FATEs. These give a decent amount of xp (1 – 50) but they become almost useless after level 50. Also do not bother with the coerthas fates and instead go to Northern Thanalan where the xp will be faster and higher than the new area. There is also a new sightseeing log which will give you some experience points, but you need to be able to fly in the areas. Just find an area with a blue glow and do / look out or / pray in the new zones – this is a lot easier than the previous sightseeing log.

All You Should Know about the Retainers in FFXIV


In the articles before, we have a brief introduction about the retainers in Final Fantasy XIV. And then, a detailed information is here to you all like following:

How do I sell my stuff?

In order to utilize the Markets, you must hire someone to manage your wares. Enter the Retainer.

Before you can begin to sell stuff, you must first complete the quest Scions of the Seventh Dawn. After completing the quest, players will then be able to hire a retainer.

In the marketplace of the three City – States, there will be a Retainer Consignor. Speak with them to hire a Retainer. You are allowed up to 2.

When hiring a retainer, you have the ability to customize their appearance to your liking; saved character data from the benchmark program can be used if you do not wish to remake a new character from scratch. Similarly, you can make your retainers clones of yourself, though only you can see them in either case.

What can a Retainer do?

A Retainer has many skills necessary to expanding your wealth. A Retainer can:

· Store items in an expansive storage room.
· Hold your hard – earned gil.
· Sell your items, or stored items, on the Market.

Retainers can only sell items on the Market you send them to, and they can only sell 20 at a time. You can summon your Retainers from any City – State, but if you want them to sell items in Gridania, then you have to go to Gridania and speak with the Retainer Consignor. Have them call your Retainer, and your items will begin to list on the Gridania Market. This is useful, because tax rates change in the City – States!

Taxes? Wait, what?!

Yes, there are taxes for using the Markets in each City – State. To encourage competition, these rates fluctuate. Speak with the Retainer Consignor to check the taxes and see how long the discounts last.

I sold something. Now what?

When you sell an item on the Market, you will get a message on your screen stating how much you made, and how much the City – State took as its cut. To obtain your gil, speak with the retainer that sold the item and ask to withdraw gil.

How Beginners Tanking in FFXIV


Feel daunting when you start as a new player in the MMORPG genre? Especially the game that has running for some time with a well – established community. Square Enix has been released its first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for a long time and it really brings in a lot of new players as it hopes in the process. The issue some are finding however is how will they hold up against veteran players, and what class / job will ease them into the game without feeling pushed out against others.

Well, as far as the tanks of the game’s concerned, specifically the Gladiator, I’ll share you some information about it like what is mean to be a tank. And now, here we go:

What does it mean to be a tank? The role is simple to understand though hard to master because the role relies on timing of defensive abilities, it takes someone who is willing to tinker with the role and master the right way to play it. The job of the tank is to keep the attention of the enemies on itself at all times, While keeping the aggro on them they keep the party safe from some hard hitting moves and provide the team with a great defense to help them clear dungeons and battles.

The Gladiator is a much more elegant and graceful tank compared to its more brutish counterpart the Marauder and those wanting to try their hand at tanking and are new to the MMO scene the Gladiator is the best route to go since the skills are easily understandable. Gladiators are able to hold themselves against most enemies where other classes would fail. Being give the heavy armor equipment their defensive structure soars above any other class in the game; this is great for solo fighting and even in late game tanking an arena wide boss fight.

Gladiators have access to the most efficient weapons in the game; with a sword you will have the skills at your disposal to keep the agro of the enemies and with the off – hand shield it will give you the increase of parry and block which is crucial as one attack could mean a win or defeat. In lower levels 1 through 30, this may not seem apparent but as you hit the mid – 30s, you will need to understand when to start using defensive cool – downs and which enemies to provoke first.

The first main ability you will receive as a Gladiator will be at level 8; the flash move which increases enmity of all nearby enemies. Enmity is basically known as the attention of the enemy, with a move like flash you can pop it when the enmity is being increased by other party members. After you have gotten to grips with when to pop flash it will become clearer what the role of a tank is in the group. Popping the enmity increasing skills will pull enemies away from DPS and healing players which is something as a tank you are going to want to do a lot of the time.

With the flash move at level 8 and at level 15, the shield lob the two abilities will help with understanding the basics of tanking, everything from there is all about how you want to play the role yourself, while using some of the cross class abilities that can be taken from other classes.

Remember that every five levels to return to the Gladiator’s guild as quests will be available that will introduce new techniques and help show circumstances on when to use certain skills. Again these will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the role of a tank within the grand scheme of a battle. At level 22 the main enmity increasing skill will be unlocked, Provoke is integral to a tank and will allow you to increase agro to the maximum on your main target, at level 30 you will have access to Shield Swipe which will give you a few seconds where enemies will not attack with special abilities, useful to cancel out those hard hitting attacks.

At level 10 you will be able to take part in Guildhests; small scale party fights that are the best thing to try out since they are essentially small tutorials that will help ease the player into partying and will allow you to receive a daily experience bonus. When you reach the appropriate level, running dungeons will be much easier.

The best thing to remember when running as a Gladiator is to always keep the enmity up for the enemies; the job of the tank is to hold agro and keep the trash or bosses from attacking the rest of the party and especially the healer since they are important to keeping the instance alive.

The Last Minute Heavensward Preperation

The last 11 days before Heavensward. If you aren’t sure what to do in these remaining days, here are some ideas.

ffxiv Paladin.

Finish Main Story Quests This is required to do Heavensward content and should be your highest priority. Finish these quests before early access starts. You can’t even level the new classes without having this finished.

Max Rested XP – 10 days – Start by 2am PST Tuesday June 9th. This will give a free 1.5 levels towards your first levelled class once Heavensward hits. To accumulate, be sure not to play any class that is not level 50 after the above date and time.

Max Leves – 16.5 days – Start already (if you’re completely out) Max leve is 99, and accumulation rate is 3 per 12 hours. These will be important for levelling as well, although I do not encourage you to leve your way to 60 on your primary combat class – do the quests! Leves are better suited for secondary combat class or DoH/DoL levelling.

Gear Up Main Class(es) Make sure you have a reasonable set of gear on your main classes. The ilvl is expected to increase quite quickly after release, so the current absolute top end gear isn’t necessary. Aim for at least ilvl 100.

Cleared Out Inventory Clear out your inventory. Clear out your retainers’ inventories. Remove things that you will likely never use even if you have some attachment to them. You want to deal with inventory as little as possible going into new content, and you certainly don’t want to get confused on what is new and what isn’t. I’m going to fully empty one of my retainers and use that one solely for heavensward stuff.

Cleared Quest Log Yeah, those old level 46 quests you’ve had in your log for the past 3 months? Now’s the time to drop them. You’re never going to do them. You may even want to drop unfinished content quests (Ramuh Ex quest, etc) just to have a fully clear log. Up to you.

Food Items Make sure you have a reasonable supply of food for the first 2-3 classes you expect to level. Don’t go too crazy – there will of course be new food to buy after the first few weeks.

Gil While never an absolute necessity in FFXIV, gil tends to help speed things up significantly. You can buy pieces of gear that you need to round out your set, and you can avoid farming for things that might be sellable on the MB. The more the merrier, but if you want enough to handle everything from housing to endgame.

Max GC Seals Should be easy to do running 50 dungeons and greeding gear. There will be new GC ranks.It’s not confirmed, but most people seem to expect them to keep the same GC currency for the new ranks.

Ventures Retainers will be able to level towards 60 with you, so be sure to stock up on some ventures so you don’t have to farm them.

Cross Classes Levelled If you’re going to roll one of the new classes, make sure you have the appropriate cross classes levelled up (usually to 34).DRK = Gladiator/Maurader AST = Conjurer/Thaumaturge MCH = Archer/Lancer

Glamour Your Winter Gear You can’t be wearing your summer hats to Coerthas, can you? Find some nice thick wool or furred gear and get yourself glamoured. Keep it sexy.

Gear for New Class Levelling up one of the new classes? Have a full set of gear (or two) ready for them. They will start at level 30, so some folks are going as hardcore as having a full set of level 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 gear ready for them. Probably don’t need to be that prepared.

Max Allied Seals No one knows if these are going to continue. There may be a new hunt currency entirely. Even so, couldn’t hurt to have some reasonable amount of these farmed and ready.

UI Issues If you’ve been putting off minor fixes to your UI, now’s the time to do it. DPS and don’t quickly notice when you proc something? Move that closer to center screen. Need to setup a hotbar common to all classes but haven’t gotten around to it? Do it now.if you need to re-organize your hotbars to have free slots for the new abilities, do it now! You will have to learn a new rotation, so it’s a good time to optimize your button presses.

Max Finished Leves Some people are finishing the max leves before the expansion hits and keeping those leves in their journal rather than turning them in. This will allow them to immediately turn in all 16 leves when the level cap is raised to gain some quick xp. I don’t think this will boost you much, and there will be a lot of new quests which will be more efficient. Probably not that important. EDIT: Remember you can only turn leves in for the class you did them on, so this won’t work for the new classes. You can also prep any remaining non-leve quests for turn-in rather than abandoning them to free up log space!

Finish Hunting Log Make sure all your primary classes have a hunting log completed to level 50. This will likely be required to unlock the 50-60 log entries.

Poetics Weapon For New Class Tip— If you have time, get your poetics tokens and other mats for an ilvl 130 ironworks weapon for whatever new class you intend to play. There is evidence the new classes will be getting ironworks weapons.