Monopoly Go: Ice Cream Partner Event Milestones and Rewards Guide

Ice Cream Partner Event in Monopoly Go

Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter, so why not cool down with Monopoly Go’s current partner event, Ice Cream Partners? This Monopoly Go partner event starts at 8:30 a.m. ET on July 10 and ends at 4 p.m. ET on July 15, and will last for 5 days.

Get a sneak peek at some of the milestones and rewards for this exciting partner event to make sure you’re ready to take part, after all, completing all four partner projects will earn you the ultimate prize of 5,000 free dice, game coins, and a fun ice cream truck board token.

In the partner event, you can build something with four other players, and the following table lists each individual building milestone, the points required, and the rewards.

Ice Cream Partner Event Milestones and Rewards

Completing all four builds in the Ice Cream Partners Event will earn you the following grand prizes:

(1) 5,000 dice

(2) Five-star purple sticker pack

(3) Ice Cream Truck Plate Token

80,000 points are required to complete one build, so if you want to complete all four builds, you and your partner will need to have a total of 320,000 points. Each partner can only contribute to one of your builds.

There are no wild stickers as grand prizes, which is normal for partner events at the beginning of the season. As the season progresses, partner events will usually award wild stickers.

How to Earn Points in Ice Cream Partners?

Points are earned by spinning the Event Wheel, but to do this you need to collect Event Tokens. We’ll explain how to do this further down the page, but once you have at least 20 tokens you can spin the wheel and here’s how. Once the event has started, tap the event icon on the right side of the screen and then use your tokens to select the multiplier you want to use to earn attraction points.

The higher the multiplier you choose, the more tokens you’ll use, but the greater the potential points you’ll earn per spin. The least risky option is to use a lower multiplier, such as x3 (60 tokens) or x5 (100 tokens), or simply set it to x1 (20 tokens) to get more spins but less rewards per spin. Next let’s look at how to get the event tokens you need to spin the wheel and get those points to build your attractions.

There are a few ways to get more event tokens in Ice Cream Partners: Keep an eye out for event tokens, which can be found on the game board, in quick wins, free store gifts, events, and tournaments. There may also be links as we get further into this event, and some links do appear in some of the previous partner events, usually at the end of the event.

How to Play Monopoly Ice Cream Partner Event in Monopoly Go?

Simply click the green plus icon on the game board when the event is active to team up with other players. You then need to collect as many event tokens as possible from the game. Use these tokens to spin the event wheel to get points to build in Ice Cream Partners.

Be careful when adding partner friends:

— It is very important to add the right partners because if they are not diligent, you may have too much to do to complete your build. Regardless of how much a partner contributes, they will receive the same reward for each completed build, and once a partner is added, it cannot be changed, so take the time to choose the best partner for you.

— A lot of forums and Discord groups are crowded, but be careful as people may not always be honest about themselves. If Discord has a reputation feature, maybe look at the higher-reputation players there to find some possible partners.

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