Path of exile Debuffs Curse Guides

Poe Сurses is a style of temporary debuffs. Curses have a limited duration, but might be refreshed by applying a curse once more. Monsters and maps can have modifiers that make them (or monsters inside of them, within the case of maps) hexproof or Immune to curses. Act and map bosses have 60% significant less Curse Effect. The Shaper and his guardians / The Elder and Elder Guardians have 80% much less Curse Effect. The total Curse Impact value is usually calculated as the sum of any added Curse Impact, multiplied by the sum of all increases and reductions to Curse Impact, multiplied by all much more and less Curse Impact modifiers. When you use Poe Currency Orbs add Debuffs Curse, Maybe this article can give you some suggest!

First, understand the operation mode of Curse
1. There is only one Curse in the base of the enemy unless you have the ability to have an additional +1 Curse.
2. Curse benefits can enhance any ability on Curse. For example, when there is a 50% Curse effect, 2% stealing by Warlord will become 3% stealing.
3. Curse has less 70% effect on chapter Boss, map Boss and any gold monster have 60% less effect
4. Immunity Curse can be broken through the Casper will assassin’s outfit, whether it is a monster built-in word drop or a map word drop

Disposed below Сurses introduction

1.Temporal Chains
Can slow down the target’s attack, move, and cast speed
Since the quality also affects the effect of deceleration, if you want to specialize the effect of the Cur, you can consider adding an increase in the connection.
In a certain version, the player made a 100% slowdown through the enhanced Curse, causing the official to limit the current speed by up to 75%.
Another biggest feature is to extend the gain and debuff of the target.
So when you hit the map of the timing chain, you will find that the Buff lasts longer.
(The panel display is unchanged but the countdown time is slower)
Other examples of applications on monsters are like dead stacking, freezing time.

2. Elemental Weakness, flammable, conductive, frostbite
These 4 are all buckle resistance and put together to talk
Comparing the resistance of 4 buckles with full quality is almost 44
The only difference is that if you have special elemental gameplay, the specific Curse performance will be better.
Otherwise, in general, the use of elements is the most common, and your teammates can eat it regardless of the element.
The disadvantage of this class of Curse is that it can only play 40% of the effect for Boss, which can only reduce the resistance by 17%.
In contrast, it is not as good as 37% penetration of penetrating jewelry (will not be reduced)

3.Warlord’s Mark
It can be said that everyone’s favorite use of Curse is not too much, because 2% of the entire Gorefiend stealing is really good.
For most of the monsters, it can be said that it is easy to use more than one string to steal.
But the biggest problem for Boss is that only 0.8% of the entire domain is stolen (due to 60% less Curse effect)
0.8% stealing for the maintenance of magic can be said to be no problem
But the maintenance of life stealing can be said to be a big problem, even the resistance to reflex damage can be said to be weak.
Therefore, it is relatively unstable to rely on Warlord’s Mark for survival.
Even if the damage is high enough to be able to survive by stealing only 0.8%, it is easy to encounter the anti-injury monster and overturn the ship.
In contrast, the global attack on the talent, the stealing of life, the physical stealing of the claws and the built-in physical stealing are all relatively stable choices.

Killing the chance to get the endurance ball is a safe and easy defense for the brush map (saving the trouble of resolute battle)
But relatively speaking, Boss combat can’t provide other useful capabilities.

Another one that is easily overlooked is the chance of giving dizziness (for details, please refer to the POE wiki dizziness probability explanation)
Simply put, if you are playing dizzy, the help of the Warlord is very large in the data.
(No more than a certain chance will not faint, so if the chance of dizziness, even if the damage is not enough, you can make up with high speed)

4.Assassin’s Mark
In the past, because it was too suitable for the crit stream, it weakened the extra violence.
A. Additional rate: directly add the rate of violence on the target
For example, if the player has a 50% chance and the monster has 1 Assassin’s Mark + 5% chance, it will become 55%.
Each monster calculates an additional violent rate, such as the player’s use of burnout to inflict damage on two imprinted monsters.

B. Additional violent injuries
Simply put, the damage caused by the player crit is more than 20%.

C. Kill the chance to get a crit ball
A group monster, a means of obtaining a crit ball very stable when brushing a picture
The disadvantage is that the group blame can be added to the configuration, but the Boss battle cannot play a key role in the injury.

For the brief comment, if the score is 20% more in the case of a crit, the rate of injury is low.
But the extra rate of violence can be more stable and the chance of a storm can exceed the limit of 95%.
(The player’s book has a maximum rate of 95%, but Assassin’s Mark is extra. So the actual operation can be 100%.)
It can be said that the output of the more stable crit stream player, but not the strongest injury to the Curse
As for the killing of life, the magic is not an important purpose for most gameplay.

5. Despair
Curse that is easily overlooked by many mid-level gamers
They understand more and increase the difference, but do not understand the difference between the monster increases the damage and the player increases the damage.
This difference is not to be introduced here. If necessary, you can go to other teaching videos.

In short, Despair is conceptually similar to more damage.
Full quality Despair can increase physical damage by 39% and sustained damage by 33%
If you feel that the increase in the sense of electric shock is 50%, then Despair is not too much.
Even if you only use pure physical injury and there is no match with continuous damage, it is worth using the injury.
But the best thing about him is the poisoning caused by physical damage, bleeding type Build

Also mention that if you are a purely continuous injury game, 33% increase the injury is a fixed value
So Despair is not full, it doesn’t matter, but if it is burnt, the element is more harmful and the flammable injury is far better than it.

6.Projectile Weakness
Another often forgotten Curse
50% chance to penetrate and 54% to withstand project damage when full quality is available
It can be said that it is very exaggerated in terms of the degree of injury.
However, the big drawback is that it can’t be matched with the wound of the heart-shaped quiver.
It is also impossible to injure the poisonous cloud in the poison cloud arrow and the sustained injury from the soul.
He can only add a direct blow caused by a simple projectile, while at the same time providing a partial repelling ability to protect
It is worth mentioning that the reason for the inability to beat the elements in the bowl game with the high element weight is the resistance.
Common assumptions are as follows (general element bows have no elemental penetration)
The damage is 1. The monster’s common resistance is 30%, the element is critical – 44% resistance
General status = injury x resistance reduction x injury + 1 x 0.7 x 1 = 0.7
Elemental harm = damage x resistance increased injury x suffered injury = 1 x 1.14 x 1 = 1.14
Projection Key = Damage x Resistance Reduction x Suspension = 1 x 0.7 x 1.54 = 1.078
The disadvantage is that the monster has basic resistance.
If the resistance does not fall below a certain level, it will not be better than the resistance.

The Taiwanese service once translated a mistake and caused a melee climax.
The in-game translation has been corrected to correct but POEDB has no corrections yet.

Correct translation: When being attacked by Curse’s target melee attack, the person being beaten gets more melee physical injury and attack speed.
There are many injuries but there are 2 disadvantages.
A. One is only for the enemy melee strike
But in fact, there are a lot of Boss are spells, Boss melee attacks
Like the sacred boxing of the gods, the black hammer of the plastics? You might not even want to eat the scorpion of Fore.
On the other hand, the mobs’ melee attack has a low chance of hitting the player.

B. Must be hit by the enemy
This is too passive, just like the biggest problem of dizzy casting and injury casting.
Too little means of resolving too passive
At the same time, the limit is hit and needs to take damage, so that the dodging flow is not suitable for the Curse.

All in all, perhaps the melee tank can be considered in the Curse
But still can’t solve the problem of being too passive

8.Poacher’s Mark
Curse, which is currently unpopular, has not stolen exaggeration because it hits the reply.
In addition, poachers are not like its brother Warlord’s Mark, poachers only apply to attack skills.
The other thieves’ ability is obviously specialized in group killing.
Because it provides a very powerful raging ball and a very helpful remedy for the battle of resident syrup.

Less dodge is also a kind of hidden face injury for non-neutral flow
But at present, there is no data for monster dodge and armor can be used as an estimate.
In general, it is also icing on the cake.

Very very strong damage reduction Curse plays a very important role in preventing the sudden crit of monsters and high damage leading to the death of the character.
Because it can reduce the chance of monster crit and reduce the damage of monsters in many ways.
A. Less damage
B. Reduce the hit rate, reduce the rate of violence, reduce the number of bruises

It is worth mentioning that even 1st Enfeeble can still have less 21% damage (20% is 20%)
Even if you are limited by the lack of intelligence, the magic limit cannot enable the most efficient Curse halo configuration
The role is matched with low-level injury cast and Enfeeble is still quite good for injury reduction options

Another point of thinking is that armor and dodge will change due to certain properties of the monster.
In terms of physical damage, the initial damage of the monster reduces the effectiveness of the armor.
In terms of dodge, because the monster’s hit is reduced, it will not be hit by the monster.