FFXIV Upcoming Patch 4.11 Will Bring The Unending Coil Of Bahamut

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.41 is the latest update for this game, previously, the patch 4.1 was updated and revealed a bunch of content, you can visit here to know the full notes. According to Square Enix, the patch will be released on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at a still undetermined time. Square Enix also promised more wards for patch 4.2, but the company has not yet announced this patch’s expected release date.

Final Fantasy XIV

Seemingly, the all saints wake event comes ahead of the Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.11 rollout. The patch will bring the Unending Coil of Bahamut. It’s perhaps the toughest challenge yet for even the most seasoned of Final Fantasy XIV players. Fans have now been given hope that Square Enix could be set to reveal more news imminently.

Gamers who want to join should make their way to Gridania where they should encounter a mysterious traveler. Gamers should be above level 15 to join the All Saints Wake event. This year, we’ve seeing the 20th anniversary of the game’s original release – perhaps now is the right time to announce more information about the game? Click here to know more official news and guides.

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