FFXIV The New Patches Are Keeping The Content Very Fresh And Exciting

The recent hottest topic for Final Fantasy XIV is the patch 4.1, since new patches and updates are keeping the content very fresh and exciting. Players were so excited about that update that the servers basically crashed because players were trying to rush into the servers right after the update was released.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has been doing very well recently, the update gave players the ability to create a home for their characters in a new residential area called Shirogane. Whether you’re relaxing in the new residential area, Shirogane, or testing your mettle in PvP, there’s something for everyone in this exciting new update. Do you intend to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil? Be sure to access to FFXIV4Gil.

We are pleased to announce that FFXIV will be coming back to PGW, and this time it will be better, stronger, faster. New optional items have been added to the Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station. The story for this exciting new raid was written by guest creator Yasumi Matsuno, director and writer of titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

The recent expansion of Stormblood has indeed not only brought new people to the game, but has kept the veterans enjoying their time in it. It’s a great opportunity to invite friends to join you in Final Fantasy XIV. The new Managarm flying mount can now be exchanged for gold chocobo feathers, which are earned by recruiting friends. Stay tuned for more information on FFXIV updates as it becomes available, view more at here.