FFXIV Patch 4.1 Adds New Content: New Story Missions And Challenging Raid

Arguably, FFXIV patch 4.1 The Legend Returns is pretty huge. Since the launch of the Stormblood expansion arrived for Final Fantasy XIV, this is the first major update. The highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 finally arrived, this patch is called The Legend Returns.

Final Fantasy XIV

The update adds a plenty of content that ranges from new story missions to another challenging raid. The update to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood introduced new player housing in the scenic, far eastern-themed district of Shirogane. In order to acquire one of the new housing plots, players had to be fast. You had better click here to know the latest news and guides.

Final Fantasy XIV’s housing system is notoriously bad. Where other games allow players to carve out a private space for themselves or their guild as they see fit, Square Enix’s MMO keeps available housing limited. Grabbing one involves making their way as quickly as possibly to the area their preferred plot is located in and staking a claim before anyone else.

The update includes 14 additional missions, but you’ll need to reach the level cap of 70 before you can take them on. Once you’re done with those, you can find out more about the world around you with new side quests. Owing to the launch of the new patch, players can’t help buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil from FFXIV4Gil.