Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.55 And Add Animate Weapon Storyline

In essence, a substantial patch for Final Fantasy XIV just went live, by using a big way, it has already changed the party system of MMORPG, now that players can be allowed to recruit each other for cross-server parties, at the same time, the formation of password-protected private parties, as a duties, when they have registered, and keep their Chocobo companions summoned.


Update patch 3.5 added a cross-server party finder to the game, speaking of its update 3.55, and arriving with it’s the first 24 man trial, at the last three Fan Fests, fan have been able to try out it, what’s more, the animate weapon storyline was added into it, and new Feast maps.

Nonetheless, FFXIV players have probably a sense of disappointment, due to new feature’s limitations, to most of gamers, and it lead to lack chance of forming alliances or do FATEs, deep dungeons with cross-world parties, treasure huntsm and quest battles, a more apparently limitation is that players can’t be allowed recruit each other from across data centers, and just servers.