Final Fantasy XIV: Square Enix Announced The Class And Other Details

It’s said to that the Switch launches on March 3, regarding the PS4 Pro patch, Yoshida expound, Final Fantasy will utilize the extra horsepower of console to boost performance. “Rather than using the PS4 Pro’s power to adapt to say 4k display, we’re thinking of using it for game performance,” they have begun work on a Pro patch and expect to have more details. Gamers can’t help buying Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.


The PS4 Pro unveiled in November, in addition, many of games have been patched to support it. Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion launches on June 20 for PS4 and PC–PS3 support is soon coming to an end. In addition to the Samurais and new areas to explore, Stormblood also adds another new class (the Red Mage), raids, dungeons, a residential area, and more.

In other Final Fantasy news, publisher Square Enix has said the series’ latest, Final Fantasy XV, broke even on development costs in just 24 hours. Final Fantasy XV review scored it an 8/10. Reviewer Peter Brown said it is a “fascinating game” with a “beautiful world and exciting challenges.”

Square Enix announced the class and other details about the upcoming expansion at a keynote during the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest being held in Frankfurt this weekend. Among other things, the company said it will double the capacity of estates going forward. More PS4 Pro Patch information, click here to get more:

Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.55 And Add Animate Weapon Storyline

In essence, a substantial patch for Final Fantasy XIV just went live, by using a big way, it has already changed the party system of MMORPG, now that players can be allowed to recruit each other for cross-server parties, at the same time, the formation of password-protected private parties, as a duties, when they have registered, and keep their Chocobo companions summoned.


Update patch 3.5 added a cross-server party finder to the game, speaking of its update 3.55, and arriving with it’s the first 24 man trial, at the last three Fan Fests, fan have been able to try out it, what’s more, the animate weapon storyline was added into it, and new Feast maps.

Nonetheless, FFXIV players have probably a sense of disappointment, due to new feature’s limitations, to most of gamers, and it lead to lack chance of forming alliances or do FATEs, deep dungeons with cross-world parties, treasure huntsm and quest battles, a more apparently limitation is that players can’t be allowed recruit each other from across data centers, and just servers.

Final Fantasy XIV Nintendo Switch Version And PS4 Pro Patch

Square Enix reveal a series of announcements about Final Fantasy XIV and Stormblood expansion in this week at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival In Germany. What’s more, Square Enix also discussed the possiblity of a Nintendo Switch edition of the game, at the same time, PS4 Pro patch was confirmed.


According to, Producer Naoki Yoshida expound: Square Enix wants to bring the MMORPG to as many systems as possible. Nonetheless, what this means is that it’s likely not will come to the Switch. The main obstacle, they are’t willing to create a boxed off version of the game, in this case, it will be lacked of interacting with the others. Assumption that this limitation can be overcomed, they would have a great passion for discussing a Switch port.

With regard to PS4 Pro patch, Yoshida stated that Final Fantasy XIV will utilize the extra horsepower of console to boost performance. he explained: “Rather than using the PS4 Pro’s power to adapt to say 4k display, we’re thinking of using it for game performance,” “We’ve begun work on a Pro patch and hope to have details soon.”

On June 20, the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy launches for PS4 as well as PC-PS3 support is soon coming to an end. Apart from the Samurais and new areas to explore, another new class, dungeons, raids and residentail area and more were added, according to Stormblood.

Square Enix And Fantasy XIV: Three World Records News

Square Enix as well as Fantasy XIV were awarded three different Guinness World Records, at the final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, speaking of its the first award was for the longest end-credits in an MMORPG game, it’s a known fact that all 1.0 Legacy players are included in the credits roll for A realm reborn. Since Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 is not a game anyone can play any more, in addition, Director Yoshida headed the development team as well as Producer basically are imploded it. Currently, the backstory to the game 2.0: A Realm Reborn. Official FFXIV news, check out more:


What’s more, the second award went to FFXIV as well, in a video game, due to it was the award for the most original pieces of music. 384 original compositions in the game were included in the second MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series. And in June, FFXIV soon to be get its 4.0 expansion Stormblood, hence, it’s said to that number will increase by a size-able amount.

Last but not least, everytime the game has some new songs, at the same time, the game acquires a new story patch, by exploiting one hell of a way to maintain their lead. Songs are considerably gorgeous, Ultimately, the final record was given to Square Enix as a whole, From 87 games in the series so far, it’s clearly fact that Final Fantasy is officially the most prolific role playing game series.