Chocobo Racing Rivals is Available in FFXIV 3.25


Rumor goes that the ChocoGo ridesharing app may not be real. While a new update for the Manderville Gold Saucer’s Chocobo Racing is true. In Patch 3.25, which went live last week, the Final Fantasy XIV team added new features to the minigame including: new racetrack items, chocobo abilities, and a new mode called: Chocobo Challenges.

In this mode, players will be racing to defeat a rival designated with a red nameplate. Complete each of these challenges to unlock a large pot of MGP (that’s Manderville Gold Saucer points). Square Enix has significantly uppped the amount of MGP earned from GATEs and major attractions, so if you’re saving up for a flying Adamantoise mount or a soon – to – be – flying (Patch 3.3) Fenrir mount – now’s a good time to start socking away.

You can watch us take a spin in the video below:

There have also been a plentitude of adjustments to existing courses including the position and frequency of obstacles as well as the reduced “strength” of rival riders. You’ll also gain more experience too, which will help you experiment with the myriad new racing abilities chocobos can learn and equip. For those seeking to breed and train the ultimate chocobo, the materials needed for feeding and coverings have had their costs reduced.

For all the details on what’s changed, you can hit up the official Patch 3.25 notes here.

New Items:

Stamina Swapper: Interchanges your chocobo’s stamina with that of a forerunning chocobo. Swap is made only if the forerunning chocobo has more stamina than yours.

Spiderweb: Renders the chocobo running immediately behind you unable to use items.

New Abilities:

Choco Drain: Generates a field which drains the stamina of nearby chocobos at a rate of 15 per second.

Paradigm Shift: Swaps current item with a different one.

Mimic: Repeats any ability or item used by a forerunning chocobo.

Super Sprint: Sprint without weather or terrain penalties until all stamina is spent.

Choco Reraise: Instantly restores 60 stamina when stamina meter reaches zero.