FFXIV Guide:How do you become a good FC Leader

What do you do to bring people together? create a community within a FC rather than small petty cliques. Our FC is a mixture of new players & players hitting towards 50 and 60. Most people just want to do there own thing in terms of levelling so I can’t always force a group of people to run things together as they’re all on different levels.Here are Advise from GM of consistently largest and oldest FC on my server that existed stably since beta.

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1) First and foremost most important thing is to keep FC on course. When you set up your FC you had set objectives. Reasons why people joined ? Clean atmosphere ? Voip ? no voip ? Weekly events ?
What it is, it your job to make sure that never changes. And to maintain discipline for those who break that atmosphere that was promised.
When a FC is no longer the thing people joined for, they tend to not have a reason to stay.

2) Responsible recruitment. Lets face it As Guild Master you have to personally handle everything. Even very loyal people who love the FC will only do so much. For most part recruitment is on you, and how you recruit directly effects the health of your FC.
For example setting up long description forum threads will generally get people who are very interested in concept of your FC. This is most ideal. Shout recruitment is sort of in the medium. People have a vague idea of your FC but you will defintely get people who dont belong. Lastly and worst in the spectrum is blind inviting where people have no knowledge of what your FC is suppose to be about.
This is just example of the sprectrum of great and terrible ways to recruit. There many ways in between. But recruit in a way where you can generate regular members yet have them largely informed in type of FC your run.

3) Management. You need to know your FC, know every member and know their problem. How you decide to set up officer structure is all up to you but know every person not just your officers. Be able to know when any conflict arises and personally handle it each and every time.
Neglect on person problem will only lead to people trying to usurp power. GO AFK a week and often you come back with half your guild missing.

4) Be on every day. This goes along with last point. You got be on every day, greet every single guild mate that logs in, say good bye to every person who going to sleep for the night. Shit goes wrong when your not there, people will take advantage of it. You need to be online to manage your fc, to handle recruitment, to personally deal with discipline and make sure vision of FC isnt being contradicted.

5) Be Active. People follow by example. If you dont do runs for low level players no one else will. If you dont say hello to FC members, others wont. If you dont help out people who are asking for help, others wont. If people see you only logging in once a week, most likely we will be others not want to log in. You literally have to be the dream you want to see. You have to embody everything you expect from your FC if you want to see others doing it.
So yes, as guild master your job is basically to personally handle everything. The sad thing is, if your a great FC and everything runs well, you manage to keep FC on course, good recruitment, no drama, always online to deal with all your responsibility, no one will ever notice. All people will see is a functioning guild. Your efforts will be invisible.
Which is good in terms of your FC. As a Guild Master you should get happiness from your FC being happy, not praise or acknowledgement, especially because you wont get any. If you can accept that then most likely your already a good FC. If you cant most likely your not living up to the other points I mentioned as well.