Tricks to FFXIV Heavensward Sohm Al Dungeon Guide

Sohm Al is the second dungeon of theHeavensward expansion. You’ll unlock this dungeon at around level 53 to 54. There are some familiar mechanics in this dungeon, as well as some new. Of the first four dungeons, I’d say this is the easiest.

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Raskovnik bears not only a visual resemblance to Rafflessia, but also shares similar mechanics. The dev team mixed it up a little by changing a few things though, so don’t fear falling into repetition.

  • Bloody Caress: A frontal cleave dealing moderate damage.
  • Acid Rain: A multiple, small circle AoE.
  • Phytobeam: A wide, straight line AoE attack.
  • Sweet Scent: Marks a player. Bees will start spawning after Sweet Scent. Unlike in Coil Turn 6, these bees will go straight to Raskovnik. Upon reaching the boss, the boss will eat them. To remove the mark, remain in front of the boss and it will pull you in, dropping the mark from you.
  • Devour: Eats everything in the AoE circle, including bees. If Raskovnik eats something it will get a stacking damage amplification buff. Bees need to be burned down to prevent this from happening. Even the tank should be helping kill bees as the boss doesn’t really do anything else during this.
  • Spit: Follows Devour if the boss eats something, and is a room wide AoE.
  • Leafstorm: A moderate damage room wide AoE.


Myath is a larger version of one of the new monster types in FFXIV. There are actually two ways to beat this boss. The first is to just burn the boss, provided your DPS can handle it. The second is to prioritize killing the red slimes and green slime.

  • Third Leg Forward: Myath attacks with its tail for considerable damage.
  • Overbite: Another heavy-hitting attack.
  • Razor Scales: A large conal AoE attack.
  • Primordial Roar: The first time Myath summons just blue and red slimes. During the second Roar Myath will also summon a larger green slime. The green slime has to die if you’re not using the burn strategy, as it does a wide AoE dealing heavy damage. The others don’t seem to do anything on their own.
  • Mad Dash: After summoning the slimes, Myath will jump around to them randomly and throw them with his tail. The blue slime does only moderate damage the red does heavy damage. You can tell what slime he is throwing and at who by the target marker. Generally if he throws a red slime all players need to stack and soak the damage. However, a tank can solo soak this damage as well, if they are the target.


Tioman is the final boss of Sohm Al. While this fight isn’t actually difficult, there is a lot going on. Players need to pay close attention to the telegraphs and targeting icons.

  • Abyssic Buster: A fire cleave attack dealing moderate damage.
  • Chaos Blast: This attack does line and circle AoE attacks, be sure to watch your step on this attack.
  • Comet: Tioman will target two of the non-tank players and drop comets on them. These should be dropped on the opposite side of the room from the tank, away from each other. Upon impact these comets will do a very large AoE that do considerable damage and can overlap doing double damage. During this attack, random ground circle AoE attacks are happening all over the room as well. After wing phase all three non-tank players will be targeted with Comet.
  • Wing Phase: At 50% Tioman will go to the center of the room and become invulnerable. During this time you need to attack her wings.
  • Heavensfall: During the wing phase, Tioman will randomly target players with Heavensfall, which consists of multiple AoE circles, be sure to move away from other players.
  • Dark Star: Tioman also starts using this attack during the wing phase. It’s a room wide attack that deals moderate damage.

That wraps up Sohm Al, hopefully this gives you a good understanding of the dungeon.