How Beginners Tanking in FFXIV


Feel daunting when you start as a new player in the MMORPG genre? Especially the game that has running for some time with a well – established community. Square Enix has been released its first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for a long time and it really brings in a lot of new players as it hopes in the process. The issue some are finding however is how will they hold up against veteran players, and what class / job will ease them into the game without feeling pushed out against others.

Well, as far as the tanks of the game’s concerned, specifically the Gladiator, I’ll share you some information about it like what is mean to be a tank. And now, here we go:

What does it mean to be a tank? The role is simple to understand though hard to master because the role relies on timing of defensive abilities, it takes someone who is willing to tinker with the role and master the right way to play it. The job of the tank is to keep the attention of the enemies on itself at all times, While keeping the aggro on them they keep the party safe from some hard hitting moves and provide the team with a great defense to help them clear dungeons and battles.

The Gladiator is a much more elegant and graceful tank compared to its more brutish counterpart the Marauder and those wanting to try their hand at tanking and are new to the MMO scene the Gladiator is the best route to go since the skills are easily understandable. Gladiators are able to hold themselves against most enemies where other classes would fail. Being give the heavy armor equipment their defensive structure soars above any other class in the game; this is great for solo fighting and even in late game tanking an arena wide boss fight.

Gladiators have access to the most efficient weapons in the game; with a sword you will have the skills at your disposal to keep the agro of the enemies and with the off – hand shield it will give you the increase of parry and block which is crucial as one attack could mean a win or defeat. In lower levels 1 through 30, this may not seem apparent but as you hit the mid – 30s, you will need to understand when to start using defensive cool – downs and which enemies to provoke first.

The first main ability you will receive as a Gladiator will be at level 8; the flash move which increases enmity of all nearby enemies. Enmity is basically known as the attention of the enemy, with a move like flash you can pop it when the enmity is being increased by other party members. After you have gotten to grips with when to pop flash it will become clearer what the role of a tank is in the group. Popping the enmity increasing skills will pull enemies away from DPS and healing players which is something as a tank you are going to want to do a lot of the time.

With the flash move at level 8 and at level 15, the shield lob the two abilities will help with understanding the basics of tanking, everything from there is all about how you want to play the role yourself, while using some of the cross class abilities that can be taken from other classes.

Remember that every five levels to return to the Gladiator’s guild as quests will be available that will introduce new techniques and help show circumstances on when to use certain skills. Again these will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the role of a tank within the grand scheme of a battle. At level 22 the main enmity increasing skill will be unlocked, Provoke is integral to a tank and will allow you to increase agro to the maximum on your main target, at level 30 you will have access to Shield Swipe which will give you a few seconds where enemies will not attack with special abilities, useful to cancel out those hard hitting attacks.

At level 10 you will be able to take part in Guildhests; small scale party fights that are the best thing to try out since they are essentially small tutorials that will help ease the player into partying and will allow you to receive a daily experience bonus. When you reach the appropriate level, running dungeons will be much easier.

The best thing to remember when running as a Gladiator is to always keep the enmity up for the enemies; the job of the tank is to hold agro and keep the trash or bosses from attacking the rest of the party and especially the healer since they are important to keeping the instance alive.

How to Unlock Housing in FFXIV


Widely known by players in FFXIV, any FC that has reached rank 6 is eligible to purchase a house, although it can be quite costly. Well, here is the tips below:

How to Unlock Housing

Before you can even think about buying a house, your Free Company must reach level 6. This can be done by simply doing more of what your FC has already done in the past. Leveling, completing quests, leves, these all add to your progress towards ranking up.

Upon reaching 6, you can then go to one of the three available locations outside of each starting town. With money in hand, you can then walk around, browsing the different lots and then purchase a plot of land. With the plot, you can then set out and begin building your house at your leisure.

Where is the Housing Zone

Housing has been given it’s own zone, and the new zones can be found attached to the low level areas outside of the starting cities.

1. Mist – Lower La Noscea – X34,Y19
2. Lavender Beds – Central Shroud – X27,Y26
3. The Goblet – Western Thanalan – X25,Y27

If walking isn’t your thing however, you can complete a quest in each starting town that will allow you to use that towns Aethernet to teleport directly to the housing zone.

1. Where the Heart Is (Mist)- Lower La Noscea
Ahctkoen – X32,Y20
2. Where the Heart Is (Lavender Beds) – Central Shroud
Margeria – X21,Y22
3. Where the Heart Is (The Goblet) – Western Thanalan
Imme – X25,Y24

Ways to Make Gil in FFXIV


In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, gil is the main source of currency. Every adventurer wants it. However, the question like “how do I get it” always bother players. There are many ways to go about making money, so I’d like to lay it out, wish to help you with a fair chance at being absurdly wealthy.

Starting Out, Level 1 – 50

If you have just started playing, or are making a new character, Gil should not be something you struggle with. The main story is a great source of income, as well as job quests and any other side missions you pick up along the way. Gear comes in at a steady pace as rewards, so you rarely need to buy your own and dungeons can be farmed for higher level stuff.

If you do find yourself in a bind, maybe spending too much on teleports, you do have a few options. Certain Leves can be run over and over, giving you gil each time and depending on the speed of completion and difficulty, this gil can be anywhere from 500-2000. Mid level players (25 – 40), can also farm enemies for materials that Crafters would use. One of the easiest ones is the actual crystals. They drop from the Sprite enemies that are found in basically every zone. The drop rate isn’t out of this world crazy, but an hour of farming Wind Sprites near Costa Del Sol can net a lucky player 20,000 Gil.


End Game Farming

Once you reach 50, a lot of potential options open up for you to make money, although they might not be obvious right away. Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can farm enemies, in the same way as described above. Crafters always need more materials, so this is typically a steady supply of income. Desired items vary per world, but it usually isn’t hard to figure out what the people need. Fleece, Diremite Web, Crystals, Clusters, and many other items can be found on enemies.

Killing enemies isn’t the only way to make money. Dungeons like Ampador Keep give you Tomes of Philosophy upon completion. Although these are typically used for gear for your character, there are also crafting materials that can be bought with them. These are Highly sought after by Crafters to make end game gear. A single one of these can be sold for as much as 50k, depending again on your server. Spend a couple days doing some Dungeons, and it is not unreasonable to make over 300,000 Gil!

Know The Economy

Just like the real world, players can make fast, easy Gil if they simply pay attention to the economy of the game. Item values will fluctuate up and down on a regular basis. People who keep an eye on these trends can buy items when they are low, and sell them as they go back up. A risky maneuver, but if you play it safe, it can be a steady stream of Gil.

Another big tip for making quick, small amounts of gil is: Players pay for convenience! A quick buck can be made buy purchasing items from an NPC and reselling them on the Market Board. When Crafters get in the zone, they don’t want to be bothered with teleporting around to find the cheapest materials. They will pay a premium to get it quickly, and that is where you come in. Go to NPC’s and purchase mass amounts of low cost items, like Leather, or Cotton. Sell it on the Market board for a few Gil more per item than you paid, and sit back and watch as you make an easy 1 – 2k Gil.

Disciples of the Land

Playing as a on of the Disciples of the Land can make you easy Gil. Aside from the gear they use to collect items with, they have very few costs. This means that what they mine or harvest can be sold for pure profit. Right now, Miner is all the rage for making Gil, as they have one of the easiest times collecting Elemental Shards, Crystals and Clusters. Even at level 1, this class can make you 10 – 20k an hour. Spend some time to level it up and eventually you will have a class that can make you very easy Gil.

Crystals and Shards are not the only valuable item. All three of the Disciples of the Land have high level materials that they can get a hold of. With proper gear, your character will be able to collect HQ materials on a regular basis, netting you a much larger profit at the Market Board. With all that said, Fisher is probably the lowest of the three in terms of money making potential. Don’t take that to mean it is useless, as that is far from the truth, but compared to Botanist and Miner, it just doesn’t generate the same amount of money.

Disciples of the Hand

If you are looking to make some serious Gil, this is where you want to be. Almost any of the various Disciples of the Hand can make you money, however the more you level, the better off you will be. The reason for this is very similar to that of the Disciples of War. Like their fighting counterparts, Crafters have many cross class skills they can make use of. The more you have access to, the better chances that you complete those high level crafts, and more importantly, the better the chance of getting an HQ. For this reason, if you really are looking to make some serious dough, don’t be content with leveling just one Crafter, level as many of them as you can.

Given how much materials cost, how do you actually turn a profit? Well, it is actually easier than you might think, as it comes back to a point further up this page. People will pay for convenience, so you can make easy money by crafting low level materials. Let us look at Weaver as an example. Cotton Yarn needs to be crafted from Cotton Bolls and a Lightning Shard. A low level Weaver can make quick money by turning the Cotton Bolls into Cotton Yarn, and then reselling it. This is because higher level players don’t want to waste time making the Cotton Yarn. They simply want it immediately, so they will pay a premium to buy it, instead of making it themselves! This is a great way to sustain yourself until your Crafter of choice reaches the higher levels, and can make end game armor and HQ items.

Once you reach the high levels with your desired Crafter, probably the single best way to make quick Gil is to make HQ items. Your stats will now be high enough that you can go back and HQ most low – to mid – level items. This means any item up to around the low 40s should be very easy for you to craft HQ. Grab some materials, and whip up a couple dozen HQ Linen Yarns, or maybe some sheets of HQ Undyed Velveteen and sell them for massive profits.

Maximize Profits, Do Everything!

The only way to truly make tons of Gil is to do everything yourself. Level a few classes that complement each other, and turn a huge profit off the items you can make. For instance, right now one of the best combinations is an offensive Class with Weaver and Miner. As a level 50, you can farm Banemintes. They will drop Diremite Webbing. As a level 25+ Weaver, you can turn that webbing into Dew Yarn. Then, take the Dew Yarn and turn it into Undyed Velveteen. Sell the Velveteen, and all the money you get back will be 100% profit, since you spent nothing on the materials. Eventually you will run out of Lightning Shards, and this is where Miner comes in. When tapped out, take the Miner out and farm some Lightning Shards around the Ul’dah area. This is viable at level 1, but once you hit 20, the shard yield will double, making it much more efficient.

With those three Classes, a player can farm, craft and mine a steady supply of items without ever having to purchase anything from the Market Board. As your crafter levels up, the chance to HQ will also increase, making you much more Gil per synthesis and as Miner increases, you will farm shards faster, resulting in less time spent having to collect them. This isn’t the only combination of Classes that can pull this off either, so look over the Market Board thoroughly to find items with which you execute this same process.

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Guides for Duty Finder in FFXIV


We all know that the duty finder plays an important role in FFXIV. Even the lifeblood of the game. But it’s not an easy thing to make the most of it. Coming to prepare and understand it is a wise choice for players.

Some find the duty finder to be a chore full of “bad players” but the reality is that like anything in life, the duty finder is only as good or bad as the company you have with you – which of course is random unless you enter with a premade.

This is a basic primer to the duty finder, along with some tips on how to make your dungeons more successful, because with just four man groups, one person can make the difference.

What is the Duty Finder?

The duty finder is used in a variety of methods to run dungeons, raids, trials, and guildhests. There is a wide variety of duties in the game, and the duty finder is used primarily to find groups to do instanced duties with. Completing a duty finder mission often includes additional rewards, vs just zoning into the instance, like Seals, Poetics, Laws, Esoterics, and Gil.

Generally speaking, most things are solo queue’d for, but you can bring groups in. You can also join with fewer than the necessary amount, but you won’t gain EXP for killing enemies nor Soul Resonance / Spiritbond points, but won’t be subject to the ilvl / level sync or the role requirements.

The duty finder has locked roles, meaning that Marauder and Gladiators are tanks, Conjurers are healers, and all others are DPS. This is ignored for undersized parties.

Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette is a way to encourage high level players to fill spots in low level dungeons, which are required for players to continue along with their story missions. They come in several flavors: Level 50 / 60 Dungeons, Leveling, Expert Dungeons, Trials, Main Scenario (which includes the riads), Guildhests, and Frontline (PvP).

Rewards for completing them are listed in the Duty Finder, along with the “In Need” bonus which gives extra Gil and possibly seals if you’re a role that needs to queue.

Duty Finder Tips

A good tank can learn the right speed to pull for the group, without assuming every group is going to be able to plow through the content. Considering ilvl limits, it’s rational to keep an eye on everyone between pulls to make sure the healer is ready to keep healing.

Good DPS focus on avoiding taking damage, not to stress the healer. Remember that surviving to the end of a fight is much more important than doing maximum DPS at all times.

Good healers communicate with the group to let them know when they need to rest – don’t worry, it’s not a poor reflection of yourself with the item sync / level sync making it as if you were at that level with that gear.

Don’t be afraid to say hello at the start of a duty. I’ve often found that just opening that dialog and being the first to speak can not only make the dungeon go by faster as everyone talks throughout, but you can also communicate strategy.

Always offer strategy – where to stand, what to and not to do, as it’s critical for those who haven’t done it.

Be nice to players who haven’t played the dungeon yet – most of FFXIV’s leveling dungeons are for learning.

Don’t be afraid to offer advice on how to play, but be friendly about it. Instead of being rude and trying to tell someone how to “play their class” simply offer some friendly advice on ways they can improve, phrasing it even as a tip or “little known trick” to make it less of an ego hit / accusation of someone doing poorly.

Cutscenes should be enjoyed – grab a drink if someone is in one, instead of locking them out of the fight.

The Unique Gathering And Crafting in FFXIV

The gathering and crafting system of FFXIV is very unique actually, and it also share some similarities with how classes work. Once you have reached level ten, you’re allowed to go to the nearby city and unlock each crafting and gathering class, which can be used by again, equipping its specific tool, much like your combat class. You’re not limited to the number of gathering and crafting classes you can learn, and they all share separate experience progression.


Crafting itself isn’t just “click to make this with X ingredients” either. You can play a sort of mini – game with your abilities to create your item – the aim is to successfully craft the item, with the highest possible chance of it becoming a high quality item, and without breaking it which results in a loss of materials. As we mentioned above, high quality items reward double experience, but they also give off better stats than their normal counterparts.

Each crafting class has its own set abilities: they do things like increase the durability of an item, increase an action’s success rate and increase the quality; some give more quality, but at a reduced success chance. Keeping in mind that some of these actions reduce an items durability, almost all also consume a resource called CP. Just like combat classes, you can also borrow some abilities from other crafting classes once you’ve unlocked them.

All in all, it’s a juggle between managing your CP, item durability, and crafting progress.


Gathering is very similar. There are three on offer: Miners extract minerals from stone, Botanists harvest wood and plants, whereas Fisher’s naturally reel in the fish. You will use your abilities to hunt out and find hidden nodes to harvest whatever it is you’re gathering. Just as CP was a resource to crafters, GP will be a gather’s resource, which is spent on increasing the chance of harvesting high quality materials. Gathering classes also come with some cool abilities – an example would be the Miner / Botanist ability to stealth past enemies in order to get to dangerous high – risk nodes.

Guides for Players New to the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight job had always been a DPS affair for a long time. So Yoshi P and his team decided to make a change in Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward. In the first expansion, the Dark Knight is a tanking job.In fact, there was a glitch that allowed it to inflict a considerable amount of damage that was quickly patched out of the game before players could get much use out of it.

Final Fantasy 11 players may be wondering why the Dark Knight’s doesn’t have a scythe. This time around Dark Knights use a great sword, but if you’re looking for a job that uses a scythe, the Botanist’s secondary weapon is a scythe. While it probably won’t fill the void left by the Final Fantasy 11 version of Dark Knight, at least you can find some nice harvesting points. All jokes aside, let’s take a closer look at the Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14.


How to Unlock Dark Knight

Once you have completed the main story for A Realm Reborn (and presumably have at least one job at level 30 or higher), head to Ishgard and speak with the Ishgardian Citizen at (13,8) to begin the Dark Knight job quest. After a few cut scenes and a small amount of traveling around you will gain access to the Dark Knight job, starting at level 30. As soon as the quest completes you can begin the next Dark Knight job quest to obtain the Darkside ability. While you don’t need this to start leveling Dark Knight, it’s extremely helpful, so complete the second quest to get it out of the way now.



While Dark Knight is a unique tanking class, it does share quite a bit with Paladin and Warrior. Most notably, Dark Knight has two stances that it can use depending on the situation at hand. The first stance is Grit, which is very similar to the Paladin stance of Shield Oath. It generates enmity while reducing damage taken by 20 percent. However, it also reduces the damage output of the Dark Knight by 20 percent. This is your primary tanking stance and should be used at the start of a battle anytime you’re the main tank.

The second stance for the Dark Knight is Darkside. While Darkside is active the Dark Knight inflicts 15 percent more damage, but their MP slowly drains in the process. Unlike the Paladin and Warrior stances, Dark Knights can activate Darkside while Grit is active. As long as the Dark Knight has MP to burn, that means the damage output of a Dark Knight with both Grit and Darkside activate is only cut by five percent (instead of the normal 20 percent reduction from Grit).


How to Tank

While Warrior relies heavily on TP and Paladin uses a combination of TP and MP, the Dark Knight tanks almost exclusively with MP. If you run out of MP you lose a lot of your tools and general versatility as a Dark Knight, so it’s important to keep an eye on your MP. If you have a Bard, it may be a good idea to request Mage’s Ballad when your MP starts to get low. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely on most Bards to do this on their own.

When you first engage an enemy while tanking as Dark Knight, you should be in the Grit stance. Once you’ve established hate with your Hard Slash > Spinning Slash > Power Slash combo you can activate Darkside to increase your damage output. Since many of your attacks drain MP while in Darkside, in addition to the stance draining MP slowly, it’s important to use the Hard Slash > Syphon Strike > Souleater combo to replenish some of your lost MP.

A Dark Knight should use Unleash to generate enmity on multiple enemies at once. Think of this like you would Flash for a Paladin or Overpower for a Warrior. You can also use Scourge, which is the Dark Knight’s damage over time attack and also generates a bit of enmity. It doesn’t generate as much enmity as Unleash, but it still adds to your enmity and helps out in the long run. Just like the other tanks, Dark Knight can stun enemies with the Low Blow ability.

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How to Craft An Airship?


We all understand that the airship is designed to undertake some explorations of uncharted lands in The Sea of Clouds. So it is very important for us to know some basic information about it in FFXIV. Want to know more about the FFXIV Airship? Then something here may help you:

When you building airship in FFXIV, you need not consider too much about materials. Never always try to use materials. Keep in mind it won’t effect the quality rating for each phase to use HQ materials. The only you can get is the experience bonus. And you need a workshop in your FC so that you can get a high lever craft. We know we will have four different airship parts and each part will have 3 phases. So you need 4 crafts with high enough level so that you can complete the various jobs. Every time you hand in a stack of items, you will get a chance to increase your quality, so that you can get a great and outstanding progress. During this process, you needn’t to turn in quite many items for FFXIV. Your quality gains will be higher but that just seems to be offsetting the fact that you have fewer hand-ins during that phase. In addition, have you upgrade your Aftcastle? It is important to upgrade aftcastle for airship. Upgrading the aftcastle can improve retrieval, and this means your rating will be improved. It is an experience boost. At the same time, you need visit as many sectors as you can.The flight time from visiting sectors individually is much longer than including multiple sectors. Reading your map when you pick sectors in your journey and try to advance to sectors nearly. At last, you need ready for the enough materials, such as 18 yew lumber and mahogany lumber, 9 iron nails and so on. Some cheap FFXIV gil will help you a lot. If you want some cheap FFXIV gil, some information in here may help you.Good luck.

Final Fantasy XIV in 2016 /2017 Big Event

As the official website of Final Fantasy XIV announced, the largest live event for FINAL FANTASY XIV fans named the Fan Festival, the world over, is going to return with glory starting in 2016! In order to well play the Final Fantasy XIV, you had better to buy cheap FFXIV Gil with cheap price. The events officially starts in October 2016 in Las Vegas with the North American Fan Festival, the FFXIV team end the year with a bang with the Japanese Fan Festival in Tokyo in December 2016, and ignite 2017 with the European Fan Festival in Germany in February!

ffxiv gil cheap

You can celebrate all things FFXIV with your fellow adventurers in three different places across the globe and create memories that will last a lifetime! Here are the details of Final Fantasy XIV.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in North America
Early Registration: Thursday, October 13, 2016
Show Dates: Friday, October 14, 2016 to Saturday, October 15, 2016
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue: Paris Las Vegas

Details regarding discounted hotel rates and show hours will be announced in the future.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Japan
Date: Saturday, December 24, 2016 to Sunday, December 25, 2016
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3 & 4

FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Europe
Date: February 2017 (2-day event)
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Venue: Details to be announced at a later date

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Tricks to Get Filthy Rich in Final Fantasy XIV

For those who have made the realization that even the citizens of Eorzea have to make a living after they have started their path to become a hero among heroes. Gil will be needed to buy and occasionally repair equipments, buy buff-food, potions, and teleporting. But they are just so expensive.


So here are some ways on how you can buff up your bank balance. However, since every server is different, you’ll still need to research which one is most feasible, as these are just rough pointers.

In these harsh environments, the lifeline of every adventurer that brings his first class up are quests. Not only do quests give you a freedom to choose another item, for example, the Allagan Pieces that can be exchanged for Gil, it also rewards you with Gil in itself. Whether you can get the equipment from the quest reward cheaper, you will have to check and compare with the Market Board first.

Challenge Log
By doing the quest “Rising to the Challenge”, you will be able to unlock the Challenge Log when you reach level 15. Coming with a lot of monetary reward, the challenge log resets every week and will give you a lot of little challenges. If at level 50, you can complete all the challenges, that is equivalent to 50,000 Gil extra in your bank.

Crafting is the ultimate gift that keeps giving.Uunless you farm everything needed for crafting yourself, it can be rather expensive, so players just stop levelling their crafters. It all pays in the end, nonetheless. Other starters will prefer them to get their own craft levelled more quickly, and it becomes a cinch the creation of low-level high-quality items.

A no-brainer for all gamers, where all you do is sell items that you have picked up, or craft into possibly better-selling items, if you have the crafting class for it. However, remember to do your research on the Market Board.

This feature can get you quite a bit of cash although it is often overlooked. The equipment you wear will gain Spiritbond while you fight, craft, or gather. You will be able to convert the equipment to Materia if it reaches 100%, without the need to wear it anymore, of course. You can achieve very good prices on the market depending on the type of Materia you get.

Finishing a dungeon can also net you a nice sum of Gil and rare items to craft with, as an alternate to rewarding rare equipment. You will also gain Tomestomes when you reach level 50. The Tomestones you can exchange for crafting materials that can sell very well which are rather pricey.

Market Board
Without ever leaving the safety of the city, some players are able to make a fortune. They buy low and sell high by observing the ebb and flow of prices when they spend their time with the Market Board.

The FFXIV Patch 3.1 hard mode of Pharos Sirius Strategy

Do you remember the Pharos Sirius in Patch 2.0? For some players the Pharos Sirius may be a dungeon full of memory. At that time, you might reach Lv.50 and expect to get high ilvl gear from the Pharos Sirius. Now few of players would like to rush the Pharos Sirius. But after Patch 3.1 updated, players have reasons to enter the Pharos Sirius again. The Pharos Sirius hard mode is added. Come with FFXIV4GIL, let’s go to know more about the hard mode of Pharos Sirius.


The same as the normal mode, it is a 4-player raid, 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2DPS. Lv.60 players need to start the Lv.60 Sidequest Things Are Getting Sirius. Players can start the quest by talking to Trachraet in Lima Lominsa Upper Decks (x12, y12). To unlock the quest, players need to complete the level 60 Main Scenario Quest Heavensward (Quest), Sidequest Why So Sirius and completed the original Pharos Sirius. It also requires players’ item level 170 or higher. If you reach the requirements, let’s enter the hard mode of Pharos Sirius together.

Ghrah Luminary
First you’ll fight Corruption (uses Damnation dive, deals damage in front of them), Corrupted Slime, and Corrupted Flans that cast Banish down a staircase. Once the path is cleared, you’ll enter the Aether Compressor and face off against Corrupted Sprites (casts banish) and Corrupted Wolves (Uses Foul Bite for moderate damage). During this time, corrupted rocks will fall down from the ceiling and attack with Aether Detonation on impact. Once those are dead, drop down (land on the pipes to grab a chest) and enter the Fuel Chamber to battle the Ghrah Luminary. The Grah Luminary uses the following moves.

1). Vorpal Blade: High-ish tank damage. Also used my Corruption in humanoid form.
2).Corruption: Occasionally a corruption sphere will spawn on the side of the arena and use Targeting to tether a party member. Dragging the tether over one of the untargetable spiders (Literally just called Spider) or birds (Sirius Screamer in the chat log) in the arena will cause it to link to them, and use Aetheric Mimicry and Matter Shift to take their form (via buff Legs of the Spider, Wings of the Raptor, or Strings of the Marionette). It will then become targetable, and should be taken out ASAP. If the player does NOT drag the tether over one of the monsters, it will use Aetheric Mimicry on them instead, dealing heavy damage and causing the corruption to take a humanoid shape like the Luminary, as well as granting the Luminary a Damage Up buff.
3).Acid Spray: Used by spider corruptions, leaves a pool of poison.
4).Damnation Dive: Used by bird corruptions, deals damage in a short line in front of the mob.
5).Luminous Lancet: Strikes three targeted areas with Astral damage.
The key to this fight is simply to make sure to always drag the tethers to the mobs to avoid creating humanoid corruptions.

8th Order Patriarch Be Gu
You’ll start facing Kobolds and their creations now. Construct 8 is basically a Cyclops monster in new paint, Time Bombs have plenty of HP and simply explode, Coral Dobylns are typical, and 8th Order Roundsman are gladiator mobs. The Simple Bomb Incubators will continuously spawn Time Bombs until defeated, so take those out first. Beyond the first incubator you’ll also find 8th Order Pickman, which are just Marauders just before the Second Spire and 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu. Be Gu uses the following attacks.

1).Strip Mine Room-wide AoE that deals more damage the closer you are to the impact site, and leaves a rupture in the floor. The rupture causes Corrupted Gels to spawn until it’s sealed by killed a gel over the fissure.
2).Frack: Moderate tank damage.
3).Adds: On occasion, Be Gu will summon two 8th Order Furnaceman that will spam Titan’s Anger on random party members, along with two Alchemy Engines that provide Damage Up and Shocking Counter buffs to him. The Furnacemen are conjurers and should be defeated before the engines.
4).Loose Screw: Spammed while the Furnacemen and Engines are up, he charges across the battlefield at high speed dealing damage to those he runs into.
5).Batter: AoE damage centered on himself.
This fight is all about dealing with adds. Taking out the gels on top of the fissures is the only complicated part of the fight.

Progenitrix and Progenitor
Down in the Sapper Tunnels you’ll deal with more bomb incubators that now spit out stronger Time Grenades, roundsmens, and pickmen, as well as 8th Order Bedesman, which are conjurers. You’ll also encounter Living Rock, a behemoth reskin. In the final room, you’ll find some Construct 8s attacking structures called Pharos Wall. If these walls are destroyed, Living Rocks will come out and attack the party.

Progenitrix is a two-phase fight. The first phase has the following mechanics:
1.Scalding Scolding: Swipe attack on the tank.
2. Sap: Targeted AoE damage.
3.Bombshell Drop: Spawns Lava Bombs and Grey Bombs. The Grey Bombs will keep growing in size and eventually detonate (Wipe mechanic?), while the lava bombs melee for a while, then use Big Burst to blow up in a small circle.
4.Big Burst: She will use this at low HP, killing her before it goes off causes it to go off anyway with reduced damage. Once she does, three lava bombs and three grey bombs will spawn, followed by phase 2.
Phase 2 is indicated by her now being blue and having the name Progenitor.
5. Scorched Earth: Used at the start of the phase, room-wide low damage.
6.Blue Flame: AoE attack that inflicts Fire Vulnerability Up on the party. Used periodically, functions as an enrage mechanic.
7.Big Burst: Used during the fight to do moderate room-wide damage, and spawns a grey bomb and a Remedy Bomb. The Remedy Bomb should tries to float towards the Grey Bomb, but any attack will knock it away from the attacker. Advised to have the healer focus on knocking the remedy back while the DPS burn down the grey bomb. The Remedy Bomb immediately dies when the Grey Bomb does. Later in the fight multiple pairs will spawn, adjust accordingly.

High DPS is a necessity during this fight due to the large number of adds that must be defeated before they explode, as well as someone willing to babysit the remedy bombs. So long as you can swiftly take out the Grey Bombs, keep the Remedy Bombs from reaching them, and finish her off before you get too many stacks, she should pose little trouble.As loot, players could get not only ilvl 185 gear but also 80 Allagan Tomestone of Law and 40 Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. In addition to buying crafting gear form MB with FFXIV Gil, rushing in Pharos Sirius could help players to upgrade item level. For some new players or players who reach Lv.60 just now, Pharos Sirius is a good choice.